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Good day, wanted to ask how I can allow normal players to go through the Protal?
Only admins are getting through there at the moment.


You might look at permissions : :slight_smile:


Portals cant be removed?


/hm portal remove


does the newest version still work on api5?


It looks like it’s not working. Portal still appears in the list.

I migrated from api6 to api7, removed my config but everytime I reboot my server portals disappear. I also had these error lines :

Using the latest stable sponge vanilla spongevanilla-1.12.2-7.1.0-BETA-64, pjp projectportals-7.1.0-0.15.0 with pjc projectcore-7.1.0-0.2.2


The latest version had problems. I don’t remember which. I have works this:


Works on



Same here, I had to switch to an older version.


I can create a portal just fine, but it seems that the portal cant be removed. The chat log says “portal XXX removed” after I entered the command, but the portal still remains in the list and functions properly. Whats more, all the portals will just disappear after a server restart.
I am using projectcore-7.1.0-0.2.2.jar, projectportals-7.1.0-0.14.3.jar with forge-1.12.2- and spongeforge-1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3169.jar. I have tried other versions(core 0.2.1, portals 0.15.0, sponge BETA 3206) as well, but they all have the same problem.


Sorry, I just found that the portal can be removed, but just after a server restart (other portals wont disappear after restart if not removed). But this is still quite frustrating, and I hope that this can be resolved later.


I had trouble with pjp 7.1 and going back to 7.0 fixed my issues.


Hi all, I cannot find any detailed instructions on creating portals, can someone help me, when I create one its says its saved but it does not work. Thanks.

I also just tried the warp command, I can create a warp, but then I use warp list and it says there is not warps, do I need to do something with permissions to make this work? it would be helpful if there was a detailed wiki.


There is a few lines on the wiki :

Also, what version are you using ? did you try to search inside this topic ?


Ok i have had some success. Seems it was permissions l. I installed luckperms and gave myself perms reqd and now portals and buttons work. WARP is still not working l. I can create warp and it will not save/ show up on warp list. Seems like its not permissions as i can create it. I am running latest version of sponge/forge and minecraft 1.12.2


I meant what version of pjp ?


What are the perfect permission setup? Im new to this and yeah im not the best to figure out how the permissions should be.