ProjectWorlds - Multi world management plugin


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Project Worlds is a world manager for creating and editing worlds. It features adding and removing worlds, and editing world properties. Development is ongoing.


This plugin requires the ProjectCore library to function.


  • Create worlds
  • Custom world modifiers
  • Compatible with Terrain Control, Biomes O’ Plenty and more
  • Import worlds
  • Copy worlds
  • Delete worlds
  • Edit world properties
  • Worlds specific game modes

Development Builds

To get the latest builds of PJW or my other projects, check the link below. Fair warning, these builds may not always be stable

Download Here

In-Game Command Help:

Like all my plugins if you need information on what commands do, as part of ProjectCore, you can you the help command.

/helpme [rawCommand]

For example if you want to know how to use /world create use the following:

/helpme world create

/helpme will also list any subcommands if any exist. For example /helpme world will list all subcommands for /world

Command lists are clickable and the arguments can be hovered over for more details.


Creating plugins for Sponge takes time and effort. If you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into to this please feel free to get my a cup of coffee. It is much appreciated.



A new version has been released for ProjectWorlds, it is available for download here.

Multi world management plugin


How i can enable Creative modus on a another map?
I tried already /world gamemode creative1 Creative
It response gamemode is creative
But it dont change my gamemode.
Then i tried /world gamerule forcegamemode true
and in i had set force gamemode true too.
My Permission plugin ist Luckyperms


Nice plugin! Thank you so much.


This is a bug as described here


The permissions could be a lot more documented…


A new version has been released for ProjectWorlds, it is available for download here.

Multi world management plugin


When I want to create or import a new world on the server this one crash.
I do the commands / world create [world name] or / world import [world name] overworld amplified. Systematically the server crash.
Do you have any idea where the problem might come from? I tried to put the plugin alone or with the other two portal and core but nothing changes the server crash anyway.
Thank you for your reply.
Sorry for my very basic english I use a translator (long live google).


Hi !

Is there any way to switch from a world to another ?
Is it compatible with anything that add new biomes (mods) ?

Thanks for your hard work on this.


hey, I have there a big problem…
I can not create a new world with Biomes O Plenty:

/world create buildingworld minecraft:overworld BIOMESOP it says “BIOMESOP is not a valid flag”

What can I do? :frowning:


try biomesoplenty:b_i_o_m_e_s_o_p


Thanks man, which permission the user need to warp into another world?
It comes: “You do not have permission to travel”




Thanks, one last question…is error “You don#t have permission to do that!”, is that from your plugin?
Happens when opening chests.


No it’s not



That sounds like GriefPrevention, or a related protection plugin.


Already got it, UniverseGuard ! :slight_smile:


Is there a permissions page?


oh Hi Just saw this woops XD


Just saw another comment :stuck_out_tongue: