ProjectWorlds - Multi world management plugin


Will there be new versions? On 1.12.2 or newer


Is there any way to get some of the old releases? I am still on 1.10.2 and i would hate to update all of it :frowning:


I was trying to sort figure out how to use the mod and was doing some test worlds. All the worlds that I was creating had light levels that were really washed out. Like the contrast was so bright that I could not see. I tried turning down the brightness in the video controls but it did not make any difference. Any idea what might be going on or what I might have done wrong?

I believe the command I executed was:
/world create Test -d minecraft:overworld -g biomesoplenty:b_i_o_m_e_s_o_p

Other than the washed out lighting it seemed to work as I spawned in a seasonal forest. Any help would be appreciated.


Do you have any plans for adding a teleporter in-game for this?
(Unless it’s already added and I am dumb lol)


The permissions could be a lot more documented… I checked all your plugins and the permissions are not really explained… pretty sad for someone who create so much good plugins.


Why cant I go through a nether portal as an example? It says “you do not have permissions to travel to DIM-1.”


If you’re using Luckperms, just use the verbose feature to debug and it will show you what perms are being checked when you do things. It can be narrowed down per plugin, and is pretty handy in general.


How exactly? I mean stay in the portal and then use the verbose command or how?


Repeat what you did to trigger the no permission message. But this time do /lp verbose true. (Or do /lp verbose true yourusername so it’ll only show permission checks related to your player).


Thanks for the help but I will not do it anyway…the world create command didnt work with that plugin anyway so its useless.


Pretty self explanatory