PSA: Recommended Build Changes

Greetings Sponge!

In an effort to consolidate our project into consistent releases beyond “Just use the latest build”, we are making changes internally to shift towards a focus of doing recommended builds. Currently this is only applicable to SpongeForge and is only in effect here: Sponge page on Forge Downloads. We are working to make changes to the Sponge downloads page for recommended builds and will let the community know when this is finished. The current plan is to consider a new recommended build every two weeks while we are in a cleanup phase and are rapidly fixing issues longstanding on our issue tracker. I’ll make a follow up post when that timeframe is extended outwards.

In the mean time, I am happy to announce that we have promoted a new SpongeForge recommended build which is 2900. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone using SpongeForge to update to this build as soon as possible as it contains many bug fixes and improvements versus the original recommended build of SpongeForge for API 7/Minecraft 1.12.2. I’d like to take a moment to issue a shoutout to @Faithcaio, @RedNesto, @Morpheus, and others that really stepped up to the plate to help us deliver a great recommended build!

Get it here: SpongeForge RB 2900

PS New recommended build has a bug or three? No problem! Head over to our issues page, see if it has been reported, and make a new issue if not.