Sponge Status Update - 25th Feb 2018

Welcome back to another Status Update everyone!

Developer Update

API 7 Release
It’s been nearly two months since API 7 was officially released and we hope that you’re enjoying the new 1.12 recommended builds! While it did take a while longer than we had hoped to push to release, we feel that all the features that we’ve included are well worth it.

We will be promoting recommended builds roughly every two weeks unless a critical bugfix requires an earlier release. In order to thoroughly test these builds before they are endorsed, we will be seeking community feedback in our IRC and Discord channels. You can read more about it here: PSA: Recommended Build Changes

API 7.1
Not to stand still however, we’re hard at work adding even more features in for API 7.1. Being a minor version, this means that there will be no breaking changes against 7.0 so you can be sure that all your plugins will continue to work.

This release will bring in:

New useful ItemStack comparators
CraftItemEvent for all your crafting needs
New way to control keep inventory on death
A MiddleDrag sub-event for ClickInventoryEvent
SubjectDataUpdateEvent for tracking permission changes
A new event context key for LIQUID_BREAK
Plenty of general cleanup and Javadoc improvements

API 8 Development / 1.13
If you’ve been following on minecraft.net, you’ll have noticed that 1.13 snapshots have been making their way out for some time now. While there isn’t any firm date on the 1.13 release, that won’t stop us from preparing for it!

Already we’ve begun by resolving standing issues so that we’re not bogged down when the time comes to work on the new features, in fact Cybermaxke has also been preparing several necessary API changes and additions so we can properly support 1.13.

Dualspiral the friendly Brit has been hard at work on the new Command API and he’d appreciate hearing your feedback about it here: The Commands API - The Future

A word of warning however, 1.13 will contain several substantial under the hood changes as well as new features, as such there will be breaking changes to some elements of the existing API.

SpongePowered needs you! Yes, you there looking at this screen! In fact, we need your thumbs. In order to work out which issues are the most important to you the community, we’d like you to hop on our github projects and start giving the thumbs-up to the issues you feel are the most important to you. Your input will help to determine the developer’s priorities in resolving these issues.



Significant progress has been made in Ore’s codebase, getting us very close to release. We have started working with some of the members of the community to refine our process as we approach time to start reviewing plugins.

We still have a few issues to go until Ore is ready for its initial release, you can find those here: v1.6.0 Milestone · GitHub

We want to remind the community that we will be requiring plugins follow the guidelines (available on the docs). Before we start taking projects or files down for not following the guidelines, we will reach out to developers to alert them of our concerns and to provide them information on how to resolve the issue. We want to make the transition as painless as possible.

SCS/Block 19

The Spongineered Minecraft Modpack Block19: Mansions and Menageries is currently under construction! @Inscrutable, @worm424 and have been hard at work putting together an astounding collection of mods compatible with SpongeForge 1.12. As the name implies the emphasis will be on building fancy architecture and encountering plenty of new mobs, so stay tuned for more soon!



Many PRs have rolled by since our last update, and the translations have expanded with them. The docs now have just one version for the 7.X API. There is no documentation for the API 8 bleeding branch yet, although we are overdue some PRs to explain the new stuff. As development on the stable branch stabilises we hope to overcome this. Anyone willing to help us with the documentation will be welcomed. Free FLARD!

We’d also like to welcome people from Utopian.io who have recently been contributing to translations. Please note that “Proofreader” is a role that we only offer to people who have been involved with our project for some time, as it requires a significant level of skill and trust. Preference will always be given to people who are engaged with both Crowdin and the wider Sponge community.

Upcoming Plugin Contest

With the upcoming release of Ore, we shall be celebrating by having an in-ore-gural Plugin Competition! Details will be released when Ore goes live.

And that’s all folks!