Random MC quotes thread

Forums have been kinda quiet lately, so I thought it would be nice to play a little “game”.

So the idea of this is to find an image from your screenshots and pick out a random quotes from the image. Kinda like the random IRC quotes thread.

I will start.

I have over 2 GB of Minecraft screenshots.

has been waiting for this moment his entire life


Well, post the 2GB worth, I want to see a 50000 page long post on it(If the pages weren’t infinite)

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I would post a link to a friends album of all the silly things some people said on a server I played on once.
Correction… I did not play on it. I was one of the co owners
However I do not have the link. If I were to upload each picture on this forum. It would probably be over 10GB’s of images. It was not me taking the images by the way.

I’ll have to see if he will post em here.

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If the screenshots have offensive material (not generated by me, but captured by me) is it bbest I leave them out of this thread?

Yes, it’s better if you do.

It’s kinda funny how @Aaron1011 has @GB’s of pictures and @coaster3000 has 10 GB’s you guys must accidently hit F2 a LOT lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Well based on the content I see him actively add to the album. Its probably up to that many. This is most likely the raw form without cropping. I am not sure. They are not on my computer. A friend made them on my server.

Anyways though, back to the point of this thread.

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