Random Questions

Random Questions :smile:

And your question is?

when was sponge created

Then why create a thread?


Presumably this is a placeholder for a future question then?

So confused…

Moved to General Discussion??? As there are not questions it’s kinda hard to decide where to put this. ATM it’s kinda useless…

Initial creation: 6th September 2014
Things started to come along within a few days after that, e.g. forums were created on the 10th

how do you create a sponge server

can i use sponge for modpacks when it comes out

Not yet for both of those.

who has sky factory 2

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ya the doctors life

can we use sponge on single player
if we can how do we invite other players

Yes, you may use Sponge and Sponge plugins in single-player.

This is what you need.

oh can i create it so i can have a custom ip
i know how to join a lan world
and servers

If you’re looking to create a full-blown server, then you’ll need to install the Forge server (if you use Sponge) or just run the jar (if you use Granite). Then you’ll need to port-forward. After that, you can forward a custom ip to the server’s ip.

i have a forge server

Then put Sponge in the mods folder when it is downloadable.