Re: World Generation

Do you think that seeds should stay the same e.g. where there’s water, there should be water and not be changed in the next minecraft update to be for example desert instead of water. This is really annoying.

World generation is something that is in the hands of Mojang, Sponge will just include the default world generation. The change from 1.7.10 to 1.8 worlds should not be to bad, the terrain will be almost the same (biomes at the same spots) and just some stone variants etc will be added. So continuing a 1.7.10 world on 1.8 should be no problem.

I think you meant hands of microsoft :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true :smiley:

It should include the ability for MC-Version-independent plugins to change world gen, so you can keep the same world gen plugin over MC updates, as apposed to changing it internally just leave it up to plugins.

Bukkit did support that… another thing that needs to be ported. Multiverse.

Multiverse is in the list to be ported. Here’s the list to be ported.

Hope this helps!

Congrats on your necro post…

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