Read Before Posting

###Read Before Posting (Especially before asking questions)
Before you post a new topic, make sure it’s not redundant questions or information! Use the Search feature (top right of page) or check the “Your topic is similar to…” box (above the pane creating a new topic, it updates as you add stuff to your topic). If there is a similar topic, continue your discussion there!

If you’re confused or curious about Sponge, I strongly recommend reading the FAQ, or checking out @xxmarijnw’s thread about common misconceptions. Avoid posting topics asking basic information about Sponge like “Is Sponge a Forge mod”, “When will Sponge be released”, etc. Any answers to those can be found in the resources listed above.

Discussions about other APIs are allowed so long as they don’t turn into aimless insults. The Sponge team has stated their position on the mater. (If someone has the link to this statement, I will link it, can’t find it atm)

Still need more info? Check the Community Update thread (Lot of useful links in there) or if you’re interested in tracking Sponge’s progress, follow them on Twitter or watch Sponge’s GitHub, however, don’t send pull requests! For more info concerning contributing to Sponge, check out the Sep. 26th Status Update.


  • Do not be excessively vulgar or post inappropriate content
  • Do not create threads or posts to incite flame wars (they’ll likely be locked)
  • Keep your replies mostly on topic
  • Categorize your topics correctly (See next header)
  • Complete list of rules and guidelines by @DarkArcana can be found here

###Categorizing Your Posts
When creating new topics, use the drop down menu to the right of the topic title to set it’s category. Try to make sure this category fits what you’re posting about. If you don’t know what a category implies, a description is next to each one in the drop down.

###Sponge Resources
GitHubTwitterReddit - Official FAQIRC

###Thanks for reading & welcome to the Sponge community!

For @DarkArcana, in response to this and after I requested a thread such as this. Be sure to reply with any corrections.

If you’re confused about the links I’ve used here, I used forwards created under the domain to point to various things.


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