RegionGuard - A plugin to protect territories

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LocaleAPI plugin is required.

This is not the final version of the plugin. I think I’ll add some more functionality later.
This job was quite a challenge for me. And it was the first time I did such a large-scale work. Therefore, I will be glad to receive suggestions on how to improve the code.


  • The commands are partially similar to those in the WorldGuard plugin.
  • Working with flags is similar to what you may have seen in the GriefPrevention plugin.
  • WECui support. No dependence on WorldEdit.
  • Players in regions can be assigned different roles.
  • Player limits are set via metadata in the permissions plugin.
  • Developers can use the plugin API to extend its functionality and use its functions in their plugins.


  • Creating a territory recovery when a region is deleted.
  • Implement MySQL support.
  • Implement support for the economy.

Permissions: - Main command.
regionguard.user.wand - Get an item for allocating regions.
regionguard.user.claim - Claimed region.
regionguard.user.delete - Delete region. - Region info command. - Add a player to the region and assign him permissions.
regionguard.user.setmessage- Set/clear join/exit message for region.
regionguard.user.setname - Set name for region.
regionguard.user.selector - Change the type of area you want to select.
regionguard.flag.command - View Flags. You cannot change a flag without a permission for him.
regionguard.user.wecui - Displaying region boundaries with WECui mod, as well as switching the status of working with the mod.
regionguard.flags - Access flags by their lowercase name.
regionguard.flag.bypass - Flags bypass. For admins. You can add specific flags in lower-case to the permission.
regionguard.unlimit.blocks - Unlimited number of blocks to create regions. - Unlimited number of regions created.
regionguard.unlimit.subdivisions - Unlimited subdivisions per region.
regionguard.staff.delete - Removing the region of any player.
regionguard.staff.resize - Change the size of any player’s region. - Adding players to the region of any player.
regionguard.staff.setmessage - Set/remove the join/exit message for any region.
regionguard.staff.setname - Set a name for any region.
regionguard.staff.setregiontype - Change the type of region and select the type of regions to be created.
regionguard.staff.flag - Changing flags in any region.
regionguard.staff.adminclaim - Creation of subdivisions in admin regions.

Region member types:

Hunter - Can only attack hostile monsters.
Sleep - Can only use the bed.
Container - Can use a bed and containers.
User - An ordinary member of the region. Can break and place blocks, attack any mobs and so on.
Builder - Can break, place blocks, use containers.
Manager - Has all the same rights as a normal region member, but in addition can add or exclude other members.
Owner - Region Owner.


/rg wand - Get an item to create regions.
/rg claim - Claim the allocated region.
/rg delete - Delete the region in the current position.
/rg info - Information about the region.
/rg limits - Information about your limits.
/rg setname <ClearFlag> <Locale> [Name] - Set the name of the region.
/rg setmessage <CommandFlags> <Locale> [Message] - Set/remove the join/exit message in the region.
/rg flag [FlagName] [Value] <Source> <Target> - Set the flag parameters.
/rg leave - Leave from region.
/rg setowner [Player] - Set the owner of the region.
/rg trust [Player] [TrustType] - Add a player to the region and specify his rights in the region.
/rg untrust [Player] - Remove a player from the region.
/rg setselector - Select the type of area selection.
/rg setcreatingtype - Select the type of region to be created.
/rg wecui - Switch the sending status of WECui packets. 

Example limits:

lp group default meta set 3
lp group default meta set regionguard.limit.subdivisions 5
lp group default meta set regionguard.limit.blocks 1000

WECui forge version →
javadoc → Overview (RegionGuard 1.0.0-S8.0.0-RELEASE API)

A new version has been released for RegionGuard, it is available for download here.

First Release. Since I can not check everything myself, there may be bugs in the work of some elements. If you notice anything, please let me know.

A new version has been released for RegionGuard, it is available for download here.

Fixed various errors. Reduced RAM consumption.