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After testing, PlotSquared Sponge 3.3.3 is a version that workable.


The Jenkin's CI\Builders for this project look to have been broken for a while the last artifacts they have are 3.4.4 while git is at 3.4.6. So if you want to the latest changes you'll need to build from source.


I'm curious if I could use this plugin to have signs (or hologramms WIP) outside of plots that lists the owner (or empty) if it's for sale (and the price of course) and have players click to buy.
But also have a "board" with a bunch of signs, representing each plot in the area, listing again, the owners and if for sale-click to teleport to plot to check it out.
Also I'm assuming I could do pre-set plots for players to buy, rather then letting them make their own. (I honestly haven't downloaded this yet, I just found it in fact!)

If any of those features aren't implemented, would you add it/them to a to-do list?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Just wondering if you will be updating this plugin for 5.0.0/6.0.0? I tried to load it up, however it throws an error every time I try to create a plot world.

https://paste.ee/p/vbMt1 (would use Pastebin, but it was too large)


How to create area plotsquared basic ?


error in spongeforge-1.10.2-2171-beta-API5.0-2009

full error code : http://pastebin.com/6fP6t9jB


How to sell plot of player ?


I use build 429 PlotSquared-Sponge-3.5.1-SNAPSHOT-15d4b6d.
error in spongeforge-1.10.2-2171-beta-API5.1.0-2010

Detail Error
1. run command /plot delete. Please fix error. Thank you very much
2. when press tab on keyborad for display next command on chat in game.

Full error code link 1 : http://pastebin.com/aeucAqWt
Full error code link 2 : http://pastebin.com/ZBzjH7Tc


I use buid 430 PlotSquared-sponge-3.5.1-SNAPSHOT-6af96f4.jar
error same build 429 Please fix error. Thank you very mch.


Hi there,

Not a big deal, but thought I'd let you know that running the current-latest version:
creates a message when I log in, telling me to update to 3.5 (which is an older version).

Just FYI. Hope it helps.
Thanks for the plugin!


Bug /plot delete. Player after delete plot. Plot display unknown owner. Another player can not cliam plot.

How to solve this ploblem ?


There is a problem in piexmon Mod. I can't throw out a pokemob in plot. Can revise config to cancle it?


How to set config revise config to cancel it ?

I need example file revise config.


help me!!


what should I do?


Can't Lost egg.Can't throw out a pokemob.



I try to use plotsquared but i don't anterstand how it works....
I use plugins as projectworlds and i don't know how i can create a plotworld :cry:
Can you help me please ?

I installed the plugin in the mods folder on the FTP.
but i can't do a plotworld...

Help please ! thank you very mutch :slight_smile:


I would like to do a simple plot-flatworld but i can't do this


The Sponge Version of this plugin is abandoned and far from a production ready state.


Ok thanx for your answer