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Hi everyone, sorry if i misspell any word, my english is very bad.
Im here, because i would like to know is there is any plugin for sponge since there is no cauldron for 1.8
that allows admins to create lands like 10/10 of space and 10 height and protect them from any griefing, and then allow players to rent them for one month for a certain amount of in game money, i’ ve seen one called grief prevention but in that one you can only buy claim blocks and give sub regions not rent and i think you cant give sub regions by a sign click.
If there is not any type of plugin like this one, is someone interested in making one or that is impossible or silly? Again sorry if i am being a noob i dont know java coding.
Again sorry my english and thank’s for watching.

Greetings PM47K

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I think Nations may have some futures expected by you.

Im using it for now but i would like to lock breaking blocks. Only letting open chests furnace and stuff like that

But i will probably use it cause i just had an wonderfull idea for my server

Um… I have a suggestion for you.
Maybe you can also install Polis. There is an amazing feature in Polis.

/polis allowblock - Polis leaders can use this command then right click any block in their claim to toggle the blocks “right-clickability” by members of other teams.

However, you have to claim chunks in polis, and there is no message file.
Except Polis, I think GriefPrevention has the same function.The only problem is much more complex.

I’ve seen it but it seems hard to work with

Can i send PM ins this forum?

Originally, I installed Nation in my server. Because I update my server to 1.10.2, now I am using Polis and GriefPrevention… At least GriefPrevention is compatible with Polis.

Nations can protect spawn? and sell subregions, is it does that it will work

Another question im using nucleos and i set spawn but when i close minecraft and come back i dont born at spawn

Yes. Just click on someone’s name or avatar and then click “Message”.

i dont see message

If you are president of the nation or admin of the server, you can use command “/n here” to check relevant flags of the nation where you stand on. Nations will show a graphic interface for flags, permissions, and members. You just need to click it to turn on or turn off these options.
You also can create zones which can be sold or bought by players in the nation. If you stand on a zone and type “/z here”, there will be a graphic interface as similar as the interface of nation.
I trust “build” and “pvp” existing in both interfaces.
If you use Nations to protect your spawn, I suggest you set “spawn-protection=0” (in

For spawning points, actually there are four different spawning points.
setfirstjoin - This is used for first-join players
setspawn - This is used for resurgence
setworldspawn - This command is from vanilla minecraft. I trust nucleus has stopped it.
sethome - You can use “/home” to transport to the point where you set, but if you death, you won’t revived in the “home”. However if you sleep on a bed at night, after your death you can revive near the bed until you break the bed.

ty men helped me very mutch, interact means what is physically? and i am puttig a sign so thar players can click and join the nation, using command signs, but how to i specify the player for the player who clicks it

Actually I personally think Nations is the best land protecting sponge plugin for now. The only flaw is it only can be used in 1.8.9. But I believe it will be compatible with sponge 5.x.x. soon.

I will be using it. do u know how i set the command to affect the random person who clicks the sign

I suggest you use command blocks, because command blocks have some special selectors like @p, @a, @r, @e.
You may can use “/n invite @p” to add players into your nation automatically. However, I am not sure whether Nations supports @p, @a, @r, @e.
Maybe you can create an issue to suggest this feature if Nations hasn’t made it.

@Arckenver is an very enthusiastic guy.

That’s the default behaviour in Nucleus - if you want to always return to spawn on login, in main.conf, set spawn.spawn-on-login to true, then run /nucleus reload if the server is already running.

@p, @a, @r, @e are supported as they are independent from plugins.

However, the /n invite command must be executed by a player (because the plugin needs to know which nation is inviting), so unfortunately using a command block won’t work for that command.

Thanks for the nice words btw :slight_smile:

It is my misunderstanding. Thank you very much.

It should be the yellow button in the area that pops up.