RentShops - Lease buildings and/or interiors to players for shops and/or apartments

I would love to see the ability to rent out regions as shops or as apartments. It would be nice to have the ability to select the size of the rented space (As an admin maybe) and /shop create <costperday (or hour)>

Players can then walk in. When they walk in a title would appear in the middle of their screen saying "Rent this shop for $__ per day by typing /rent shop .

Once rented, they can customize the region any way they wish. If they don’t make rent, their items are deleted from the server and the shop is reset back to how it was before they took residence in it. Rent would be reduced automagically from their account or they could pay it early by however amount. Even a year at a time if they had that much cash on them.

Owners/creators of shops could rent their own shop without a charge.

It of course would need to integrate with the currency plugins out on the market now.

As a future enhancement, could also add a rent to own type scenario to add options on how to rent/sell property.

Even later on in the future, could expand it out more to also include selling property as well without any renting involved.

Permissions would include:
shop.ignore (to not see any advertisements about renting shops)
shop.rentbypass (To rent a shop but not pay a fee. Thinking maybe useful for staff or testing)

I know there has been similar plugins on bukkit in the past but they were glitchy and outdated when I used them for 1.7.10.

I would LOVE to see something stable and functional come out of this!

I’ll look into adding this type of functionality into my shops plugin: PlayerShopsRPG :slight_smile:

just curious and totally not asking to be pushy, what do you guessitmate the time frame to push this out would be? i am looking at the possibility to pay someone to develop this plugin for me and would then offer him to release it to the sponge community of he would offer support/updates to it.

Depending on your timeline, i might just wait on you to finish it so just curious.