[Reopened] Wiki Staff - 14 November, 2014

Many hundreds of people have already seen the wiki staff form. Many people have also filled it out. To prevent our data from getting overfilled and becoming to difficult to go through, I have closed submissions for now. We’re going through the list of people who have already submitted. If we need more people after that, we will reopen the form with some more restrictions in place to find people with specific things that we need.

Thank you all for your interest!


Wiki staff applications are now reopened while we look for new members! If you are interested in joining the wiki staff, please apply now! Thank you:

Wiki staff application form

###Edit 2:

If you already applied the first time around, don’t apply again. You were either denied for one reason or another, or you have already been contacted. Thank you for your time.


Do you mean people posted applications to be staff on the wiki?

ya, they oppened a wiki and then opened a staff form to be staff on the wiki.

May I have a link to the wiki?


Not quite right, the wiki is not open yet, there was a form to apply only.


oh yeah, sry about that. forgot about how they said that they hadent really worked on it yet.

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I really hope you guys open it back up so i can apply lol. I hope to see the new sponge api vary soon i been like on github every day since i seen the api and it looks great!

Hey ! I’m iarepande. I’m spoken with you. Je suis iarepande. J’ai parle avec toi.

Will the wiki be open someday? I’d like to contribute (since I have written part of event API, branch block-events), but I still don’t want to join the wiki team.

I havent been contacted to know if i got denied or got in so… were we supose to receive an email or something? because i didnt get anything.

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@gabrieltm9 We are still looking at all applicants. We will be getting back to you either way.

Thank you for your patience.


How exactly do you apply and what are you really applying for?

Thx alot! <3 <3 <3

I applied to the Wiki, but I was never contacted with an acceptance or denial. I realized that my submission was inaccurate (I have way more time than I said in the form, not sure what I was thinking). Should I apply again or wait to be contacted?

@awesomesims22 [quote=“Kodfod, post:13, topic:4509”]
We are still looking at all applicants. We will be getting back to you either way.

Thank you for your patience.

When we reach out to you in the near future, feel free to update us with this new information then.

Thank you.

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Sure! Ill make sure to inform you.

Im not staff, but, i also did apply and have not been contacted. For the contacting, just wait and they should inform you “within the near future”. For the changing your avaiable time, i dont know. You could try talking with @Kodfod who is a wiki staff. He might be able to do something… Good Luck!

Just to let you guys know, the webdev form was open for 3 months and people were not contacted for 3 months. The developer form was open for 2 months and people were not contacted for that long and @Zidane still hasn’t sent denial letters to people who won’t be accepted. We are far more organized than we were only a few weeks ago and with @kodfod in charge of the wiki team, we are moving quickly. But it doesn’t help to poke and prod at people who are doing a good job :P.