[Request] An item currency plugin that uses the latest inventory api

I need a Sponge plugin that allows me to use inventory items as currency through Sponge Economy API.
More specifically I need one that uses the current Inventory api.
The only plugin I’ve found that claims to do this is Pieconomy.

However it’s not working and uses the original and mostly useless version of the inventory api that as far as I am aware didn’t work and was never used.
It also seems like the Pieconomy plugin has died out as well, what with the lack of posts.
Let alone the lack of an update to the more complete version of the inventory api.

P.S. I am currently using spongeforge-1.10.2-2092-5.0.0-BETA-1752

Far as I know Inventory API still isn’t finished which is why PieConomy doesn’t work. It states in the op that it doesn’t work yet.

The inventory api has had an update since PieConomy’s latest update.

Yeah but has custom Inventories been implemented?

Just need the abilities to
Check inventory for items x, y, and z and attribute economy api balance.
Remove items x, y, and z when their attributed economy api balance is spent.
And add items a, b, and c to players inventory to make change for items x, y, and z when they don’t make for exact change.

In fact player inventories have been implemented, but query inventories of player inventories don’t have the part that I need implemented yet. At least as far as I know.
Also, the API is not useless - as soon as it’s implemented, my plugin will (theoretically) work with it. Implementation has nothing to do with the API’s completeness or usability itself.

Player inventories should be fully implemented now (we’re still working on implementing containers, however). What API call isn’t working for you?

It was something to do with query inventories. I’m not sure, I haven’t touched this in a while. I’ll probably look at it some time this week

@pie_flavor how long until you update and get Pie Economy working?

I said i’d look at it, and then fifty million other things came up, as they so often do. I can tell you it won’t be released before Ore is up, but I can’t say more than that.