[REQUEST] Distance-based Chat Plugin... Please!

Hello! Made an account so I could (hopefully) convince someone to help me out with a plugin I’ve literally been wanting for years. I’ve got a very specific set of features in mind for my 1.10.2 server, and I can’t do it without local chat.

What I’m after is basically what the title says: a Sponge plugin that limits chat distance between players on a server. Pretty much identical to the “basic usage” of this Bukkit mod. No faffing about with chat channels, no annoying/unimmersive global chat. Words become garbled at greater ranges. Add exclamation points (!) to shout in an increasingly large radius at the cost of hunger.

There are a lot of Bukkit plugins that do this, but no Sponge plugins or Forge mods as far as I can tell (I think TrenTech had one a while back, but it seems to be gone or deprecated).

Anyway, I’d be eternally grateful if someone could spare some time and brainpower on this.


I like the idea!

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Great idea! I may look into it, I’ll like doing something like this! :grinning:

Would you also like to have the bullhorn and ear trumpet?

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Great, thanks so much!

And no, I’m not interested in the various communication devices like the bullhorn. Just the basic features like yelling.

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Hi there Lashloch!

I’m done with your plugin! I was about to publish it on Ore, but I have to wait 3 days because I recently changed my public key… I’ll publish it somewhere this week!

It was fun doing this project and I hope you like it!


Wow, that was fast!

Can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much! :relaxed:

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Ohhhhh… I have missed an important detail, I have made the plugin to run on SpongAPI 7.0.0/7.1.0 for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.12.1/1.12/1.11.2 :fearful:

Just try it out with 1.10.2 and see if it works, if you get any errors just let me know :+1:

That’s okay. I’ll try it on 1.10.2, but can just upgrade to 1.12 if that doesn’t work. :smiley:

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Plugin going up today? :open_mouth:

Hey there lashloch!

Sorry, my hands were itching yesterday to upload it but I had too much homework, (I am currently posting this from my phone in the bus), I hope to upload it this afternoon. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll surely do it this weekend. Thank you for waiting so long :smiley:

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No worries! School comes first.

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Ore is experiencing problems… I’ll stay online and check now and then if the problems have been fixed… :persevere:

While I wait, here are the specifications of the plugin:

  • It’s pretty basic at the moment, no config, nothing. I’ll continue development on this plugin and add some cool stuff!
  • It’s for SpongeAPI 7.0.0/7.1.0 (Minecraft 1.11.2/1.12/1.12.2)
  • Everyone within 7 blocks can hear you clearly, everyone within 12 blocks can hear you
  • When a player first joins, a message will be sent to the player containing instructions on how to use this plugin
  • Using explanation marks: Adding 1 explanation mark adds:
    • 5 blocks in which players can hear you clearly (The 5 blocks are also added on the radius in which players can hear you
    • 5 seconds of the hunger effect
    • You can of course combine explanation marks: Using 3 explanation marks:
      • Adds 15 blocks to the radius
      • Gives the sender 15 seconds of the hunger effect

I hope you like it! I’ll continue development of this plugin, like adding a config so you can specify the radius yourself!
If you have any problems just let me know.

Have fun! (When it’s uploaded…) :grinning::+1:

By the way, this project has been uploaded to a Github repository here, so if you don’t want to wait anymore you can build it yourself using maven! (Find instructions on building it here) :wink:

Hello lashloch,

I decided not to use Ore for now because of all the problems, I have added the .jar file as a release on the Github repository, you can find it here.
I hope you like it! :+1:


Woohoo! Thanks so much. I’ll download and test the plugin when I get home in a few hours.

Configurable range would be very nice, but this definitely works for now. Looking forward to future releases.

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No problem :+1::smiley:

@olafh10 We found the bug and will release a fix as fast as possible.

Can you describe the other problems and open an issue on github for this please.

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Hello @felixoi!

Well, when I said problems I actualy only ment the problem that you have found now, and that I have to wait after changing my pgp key :sweat_smile:, there were not any other problems.
But thanks for fixing it! :+1:

Hello @lashloch!
I’m back after a week with the good news, RealisticChat has been uploaded to Ore!
You can find it here:

~ olafh10

By the way, I’m not going to follow this tread anymore, for any questions you can post it on this thread: