Restrict new users ability to respond super old posts

Some new users are really bad at looking at the last active date, and resurrect really old topics that aren’t even relevant anymore with occasionally even less relevant comments.

It would be nice if we could user the user trust system to restrict new users from posting to topics that are older than a certain amount of time, like six months or something.

I’m seeing necroposts pretty frequently by new users, and it just clutters the forum.

If a trusted user decides to necropost, they’ve usually been around long enough for us to yell at them, but usuals around the forum almost never necro without good reason, and most don’t necro at all.

I think this will be good for keeping the forum more tidy.



This has been around once before. Digging up an old thread…

And maybe certain threads don’t have a necrobump restriction due to their content, such as threads of programming jokes.


For a lot of posts I really don’t see the problem with necro-posting, it’s a way to centralise knowledge into threads that are related. The opposite of having too many threads to sift through when searching is far worse.


Yes, but we are talking about newbies who look at year old posts and go “Omg I love this +1”.