Secure trade - player with player


I’m trying to find a plugin, which should work like this plugin called TradeMe. I can’t find it here. Just CarrotShop, but it is not what I exactly need.

I need a plugin, which will open menu and the buyer set how much he wants to pay (money/items) and seller input items. Both of them have to click “agree” and then the trade is over.
The best should be to be able to use all currencies, which are on the server.

Do you know about any plugins, which works like this and is compatible with Sponge API 5 and 7?

PS: I also look at this plugin EasyTrading, but it is unfortunately not finished.

Thank you all for your help

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Api 5 and 7? Although not impossible my question is why both?

I have server for Pixelmon, which is on Minecraft 1.10.2 and technic modpack on Minecraft 1.12.2, that’s why.

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yeah that would be nice , i know mod : BUT there is a big problem with this mod, if players both accpet the trade they can take item away in any second and if second player wont take his away too he will lose it. If anyone fix that say me how.

Today was this problem fixed, but I think, that you know that, because you post the issue on Github, right? :smiley:
Unfortunately this mod is not much useful for me, because I need to let the players trade for money, not just item for item.
Thank you anyway! :slight_smile:

i FIXED problem with money this way : I use RPG players shop, than i make shop just for money (bank) you can buy in there for example 500$ and you can sell it for 500$. So you can later trade your money.