[WIP] EasyTrading


Hello everyone i’m sure some of you have probably seen me around here and there in the sponge community. Anyways i am announcing that i’m working on a trading plugin.


The concept of this plugin is that you can trade with other players without the worry of others trying to scam you. First to initiate a trade you would type a command to request a trade with a player then they would have to accept. Once they are both in a trade neither of them will be able to drop items or interact with inventories for preventing of exploiting the system but they can cancel the trade at any time. They will both be able to offer something to trade, at the start it will just be money and items though i’m planning on adding optional support for pixelmon as the server i help run uses it as do other sponge users from what i have seen. Nothing will be taken until both players confirm the trade and if one player doesn’t like it they can deny the trade and ask the other player for a better offer.

This plugin is not yet ready but if you wish to follow progress you can go here GitHub - RysingDragon/EasyTrading: Plugin to allow easy trading between players

Edit: I tried using inventory events to add items but with the inventory api as it is right now it doesn’t seem like i can, so as annoying as it’s going to be i have no other choice than to just use a command to add items or wait until what i need gets added to the inventory api.

This is my first public sponge plugin so i would love to see any feedback even at this stage :smiley:


If I could like this more than once I would! Will you be using a chest GUI for transactions?

as much as i wish i could it’s not possible atm with the current state sponge is in, i will have a command to offer items which i’m thinking either entering the item id and amount as an argument, or having it take the item in hand with an optional amount argument and if no amount argument is entered it will just enter the entire stack in hand. Once gui’s are possible in sponge i assure you i will try to implement that feature asap

Due to the fact that inventory events are implemented, you could let the players just click items in their inventory.

That’s actually a great idea, idk why i hadn’t thought of that myself but i’ll definitely work on that.

This sounds like an amazing plugin. I like the idea of having a chest GUI for people to drag and drop items into that they wish to trade. Could you implement a customizable radius for the trades too? For example, with a radius of 5, two players would have to be within 5 blocks of each other to trade, and maybe setting it to 0 could make it global?
I’m running a semi-vanilla server and would love to make trades more secure without it seeming too modded, which a plugin like this would definitely help with.

That seems like a reasonably easy task to do, i’ll definitely keep this in mind, and like was said above custom gui’s aren’t implemented yet so i’ve been trying to get it to work by clicking on items in your inventory. I’ve found a solution that seems to work but not 100% of the time, might be a bug with sponge as the inventory api isn’t yet complete but i’m also a bit new to sponge developing as well so i’ll keep experimenting and see what I can do.

Any eta on this?

Holy… wow tbh I had completely forgotten about and abandoned this project as this was at a time when I was still learning Java/Sponge. Sponge has come so far with inventory since then that alot of what I was trying to do is now much easier. Considering how ancient this is, I’m thinking I might just start from scratch.

I can’t promise an eta considering I have another plugin request here on the forums that I need to finish, but I’ll try to get back to work on this within a week or so.

I see. I would still love to see some form of trading plugin tho, whoever wants to pick the project up.

please make the trade mod

I’d really like to, I made a lot of progress on it shortly after I made my previous comment, but I’ve just been immensely busy for many months now. I will not promise anything since I always end up regretting it later but I seem to be getting more free time now so it’s a possibility that I may be able to have something working soonish. I have other priorities atm though so whenever I get those sorted out I’ll get to working on this again. If I’m not able to do it, I’ll release what I have of the updated source code so someone else may finish it if they wish.

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can i download now? it seem so long…