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Hello, I have ran a minecraft server for 1 year. and now some of my friends want to make there own server. which i don’t find that good because then my server will be empty. I don’t know what to do, and also I run mine on High Tech Machines 24/7 however they want to home-run one on there computer.


Pretty simple, have a better server. If you know what you are doing and you make a good server they will get bored of their servers pretty fast and come back to yours. Either way this seems more like a personal problem, you might get some advice from people here but this might not be the best forum to ask this on.


Server competition will always exist. Look at Hermitcraft vs Mindcrack, specially in their UHC seasons: always trying to 1up each other. Whatever you choose to do, try your best to not let it get personal. You have a server for people to play in; make it the better server to hang out at, and you will see peeps stopping by. “Build it and they will come” :slight_smile:


I know a server owner that bans you if you tell him you own a server XD! And honestly I think thats the best way :/. It makes sure nobody can copy and shit.

If your friends are planning to host on their home PCs, they better hope they know their way in network security. It would be too risky in my humble opinion to run a public server on my home network, and completely out of question to do so on my own machine.

And yeah, if you are worried about your server going empty, just make yours unique. Don’t make sporadic changes to try and compensate for what your friends do; give people a unique reason to stay on yours.

I smell some spite in your friends forking off and doing their own servers… Honestly if I were them I would stick around and support yours. From what I have seen, usually when someone tries to make a server just to out-perform another, it doesn’t end well, whether it be a burnt out owner, general suckage of the new server, or whatnot. Don’t know that your friend’s motive is to out do you, but felt like throwing this out.

I wouldn’t be that strict in running my server, I don’t mind if they run their own server, as long as they don’t advertise it on my server when they are playing on it.

@bdubz4552 & @Niall7459: Home hosted servers are generally best for smaller, low slot, servers, as the larger ones need a lot of bandwidth to run to run well. So in that regard, a professionally hosted server will generally do better, having more processing power for the server and bandwidth. As for helping others set up servers, i don’t mind as long as they don’t go around advertising it on my servers, as i said in my first paragraph.

I was a server admin and people came to me looking for server ideas, and I was constantly on other server looking for small ideas. Copying the entire server setup is just silly.


Ask them why they’re doing it. If they just want the fun of setting one up, hurray for them. If they feel your server isn’t providing what they need anymore, perhaps consider working closer with them to resolve it.


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Well. if like most kids nowadays they just say “I CAN HAZ COMPUTURZ” and start opening ports, any script kiddie (or worse someone who knows what they are doing and is bored on a Friday night) will probably find a way into the network. I have never humored hosting anything on my home network because I know there is someone who will try to do something. Even if its a DDoS, that wouldn’t be fun either.


I totally agree, while there are the people out there who don’t know what they hell they are doing, some of those prebuilt programs can do damage to networks without basic security. Even worse is like you said, people who do know what they are doing and see your network and go “ohh, lets have some fun with them”

  1. Will theirs be different than yours? Anyway, if yours has been up for a year, you probably have more experience and theirs might end up being one of countless sloppy servers that most players avoid.
  2. Don’t homehost. Never homehost.

I disagree with your 2nd bullet point.

As long as you protect your network well, and have a pretty good server/pc for the server, then it’s fine.


If you have experience in network security and you have a worthwhile router then home hosting isn’t terrible if you have a really small server community. Especially if you have an old computer running a linux distro laying around.

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Consider having them help run yours?


80Mbps internet Connection (Fibre)

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Don’t say your age.


Apparently, There downloading pre made 1.7.10 servers. and haven’t researched at all. one of my friends had a vanilla one but didn’t know how to use it.

That makes me think their server will:

  1. not get any players
  2. die in a few weeks.

Not to worry. Lots of people have broken off from my server to make their own, none have lasted more than a couple of months :slight_smile:


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