Server After Server

Just kick your feet up on your desk and relax. First off, if you aren’t running Spigot 1.8 at this point, good luck getting any players, and second, if they are downloading pre-packaged servers, they REALLY must not know what they are doing.

Well, technically, that isn’t encryption, but merely a different form of representation. :trollface:
So my answer is no. Bad! *shakes fists at @octoshrimpy *

Today it is easy for people to have the bandwidth to host if you live in an area with Google Fibre or equivalent (1Gbps) connection speed!


I have AT&T Gigapower :wink:

What is that? I need it.

the number was written out in letters (56 vs fifty six) in Portuguese (my native language), then put through a custom letter-to-number conversion key, and then converted to binary, so while you’re looking at a whole digit, you should be looking at series of smaller numbers. :trollface:

…Well played, sir. …Well played…

Now I know that you either live in Provo, Austin or Kansas City! :smiling_imp:


It’s the AT&T equivalent of Google Fiber.

Google > AT&T :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you tried both?

(Google Fiber vs AT&T Gigapower)

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I’ve tried fiber, its pretty sweet, sadly not available where I live (was visiting some friends out of town) I haven’t tried AT&T but I know they don’t have a very good reputation, most people I know who have it are unhappy with it for the most part (including ones with the Gigapower). Also I was kinda joking…

Can we get back on topic please? Thanks. I do not want to have to close this thread; you guys can start another one about internet connection speed if you wish.


actaully, thats the worst way.

I personally run a server as well. But within my community i encourage freespeech and exploration of servers.
Since servers to me… are pretty much 90% of what makes MC so fun.

If i get banned from a server for saying im a server owner, Im not uploading a letsplay video i did on his server,
im not advertiseing his server, and im not telling people to check out his server.

He just lost potential endorsement. All cause he banned a server owner.
Dumbest thing to do ever is ban people because they run a server.

Soooo you run a survival faction server and i run a creative MOD PACK server.?
Which means your people cant go to my server and my people cant come to yours?

This is the DUBMEST mentailty for a server owner to have.
seriously, if you run a good setup, you DO NOT need to worry about people leaving.

I’ve run various server types for 3 years now, and have devloped a strong a loyal base of members because i run my servers and my community very well :slight_smile: You do your job right, you will grow. SImple as that. You ban because they said something you didnt like? people leave. SImple as that.


Why dont you talk with them about heling YOU out?
Instead of them leaving, give them OP and offer to grow the server together with them. :smile:
Bring in some fresh blood and you may find your server does a lot beetter.

Put one of them in charge off adding games and creating game areas like speef or spleeg or something.

put another in charge or building and desiging…

THen, you focus on marketing, advertiseing… getting your webstie and server name out there…
Free up your own time to GROW your advertisement base. search the internets… things like that. :smile:

Good luck to ya


They don’t know anything

Also its a private server

My Friend has started his. and its 24/7 swell /:

Please just edit posts instead of making multiple posts next time.


I have to agree, banning someone for owning a server is weak. I little competition is good but that’s just a bitter attitude to have. As far as the original topic, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. They’ll most likely come back, and if they don’t, Their are literally millions of players out there. “Build it and they will come.”


there asking me how to change the MOTD /:

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