Server Crash on startup while loading Mixins

I’ve been trying to get a server running using a custom pack I created and Multicraft has been a huge problem because they are out of date and still start up off of jar files instead of .sh or .bat files. I finally got the server to start after rerouting some file paths and renaming some jars, but then I get this error in the console. Does anyone have any ideas? I tried to see if a specific mod was causing it, but didn’t see any mod names present.


Hey. So the mixin error you have given isnt of the typical mixin error exception (it seems to be have cut off at the bottom)

Anyway I have a program that can help you out. Its called MixinDetector and it will detect all the mods that have mixins. That will at least narrow down your options for the mod causing the issue.

If you manage to get the full log. You can use the filter by crash report