Server Spongeforge crashing

It doesn’t even give a crash report. I’m pretty sure that this happens because of the coremods being in folders. How can i fix this? Minecraft 1.12.2 - Forge

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Please go to the logs folder and upload the debug.log file to one of these sites, and then give us the link.

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[12:07:16] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Loading tweak class name net.minecraftfo - here’s the debug.log file

Well for one, dont use exclamation marks in file names, instead just use _a.
Also, upgrade librarianlib. Last I heard the latest build fixes this.

I have upgraded LibrarianLib, but now another error shows.

huh… apparently your version of windows is weird… try renaming spongeforge from _aspongeforge to aaaaspongeforge… then let me know if its still crashing the same way.

Yes it still happens. Spongeforge is at the top of all other mods but there are folders on the top of it. I don’t know if they matter something.

update Sponge, that version you downloaded was broken

I’ve updated sponge, and tried with different versions, they go further, but at the end they all crash after the server asks me to type /fml confirm. crash report.

Thanks, i’ve now disabled FoamFix configs, but now the server seems just stopping. It doesnt crash and if i try to join it says “Server is still starting”. The log is so long that no log website can upload it, so i will give a link to download it. MEGA

How long did you wait before trying to join the server?

About 10 minutes. Then i tried again after other 10 minutes.