Server Watchdog Crash

Latest Forge & SpongeForge

Edit: Could be the updates between version 1315 - 1320 since I don’t think this happens at 1315 and lower.

The crash is due to the server watching killing your server, after a tick took 60 seconds.

Unless you were doing something performance-intensive which may have caused this, I would recommend removing mod individually to try to track down this problem (try removing Sponge first).

I think it has something to do with the recent updates because it stops happening when I use 1315, and as you can see it happend at 0 players, so I wasen’t on to even try anything.

Could you possibly find out exactly which build started these issues? If there is an evident difference between two builds we may be able to figure out what caused this.

Tested it with 1317, no crash i’ll move onto 1318-1319

I had it running with 1319 for awhile no crashes, I tried 1330 before and got this watchdog crash:

been getting that crash in 1282 (which is currently one of the most stable versions for pixelmon due to legendary spawn events conflicting with sponge at its latest builds, which crashes the server) My crash happens with the 0.4.1 version of Nucleus: The Ultimate Essentials Plugin (MC 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2) - #109 by dualspiral

and also the same crash happens with the latest build of forgesponge and @dualspiral
0.4.0 version

I’d recommend downgrading your version or disabling legendary pokes from spawning in the wilderness. Idk why it causes the server to crash; but once a legendary poke spawns it’ll crash. (You can test this by changing your legends to spawn every second and see the crashes pile up)

@Gershon I pushed a fix for this issue. Please try build 1384 and let me know if it solves the crashing.

Looks like still happening: spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1402.jar

Run a timings report when the server TPS drops and paste it here. Warmroast would also be useful. Also upload the entire server log.

The server just crashes instantly and times everyone out so you can’t run a timings command and its on a shared host so can’t use any external applications and what do you mean by entire server log?

I got tired of all the complaints and decided to investigate the issues with legendary spawns and bosses myself… Tested on LATEST SF 1414 with ONLY Pixelmon and GriefPrevention.

Legendary spawns are currently bugged in pixelmon as they attempt to get base stats from null spawndata without checking if the spawn data was actually present in the biome. After fixing the bug, I had the legendary spawner attempting to spawn every single game tick and left the server on with no issues whatsoever. This has been fixed on their end but has NOT been released yet(Should be in 4.2.6).

As for bosses, i have no issues with defeating/spawning bosses.

So you have to wait until 4.2.6 for legendary spawns but bosses should be working. If not, remove ALL plugins/mods except for pixelmon/sponge and retest.

Yeah it looks like it was legendaries I turned it off like the dude above said and it seems to have stopped crashing, it would of been nice if they were open source and could release quick patches for this big issues

It started to pop up again:

Edit: This time I traced it to the plugin RedProtect because a person was crashing the server when they were inside of a region, I removed that region and the server was fine, I think it might have something to do with the greeting and farewell tags affecting Pixelmon because that was the only region that had it

This crash happened to me, when generating a new world with Realistic Terrain Generation while FoxGuard was installed. To solve it, I had to remove FoxGuard, let the world generate for the first time, then add FoxGuard again.

Is this in 1.10.2?

Because it appears that sponge is doing things that it shouldn’t be doing during world gen. It’s being looked at right now.

Yes this is in SpongeForge 1.10.2.

yeah this is being looked at right now.

A lot of events are firing that shouldn’t be firing.
FoxGuard simply can’t handle the sheer number of events during worldgen.

This is confirmed to be a sponge issue.

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Two years later, Googling my server’s error message has brought me here, so I assume the issue with Sponge hasn’t been fixed yet?

This isn’t an issue with Sponge.

It just means your server got stuck doing something. There could be many possible causes. We’d need your server logs to see what caused your specific case.