Server won't start due to Non-Mod File?

I was able to get the server to start and run mods like it should be able to. However when I went to install plugins ( and I followed the instructions of putting it in the mod folder) it told me when I Started the server that Forge located a non-mod file in the mod folder and it won’t start. Any help would be much appreciated. If I need to give you any more info let me know. Thanks!

You can just ignore that. It happens, but it’s not an issue.

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Only issue is it won’t start.

Logs or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or would you like it from a different log?

I like my logs with tomato sauce. Could you please post the entire contents of your logs/latest.log file to pastebin?

NoClassDefFoundError: ninja/leaping/permissionsex/sponge/PEXSubject

Something to do with PEX?

What version of Sponge and Forge are you using? <–

Try updating to .1371 (Sponge and Forge)

It works, thank you.

Glad to help :smiley:

Because Sponge and Forge load mods from the same folder, this occurs. It’s not an error, it’s just Forge recognizing that there’s a plugin installed that isn’t in the Forge format.

You will see this ‘error’ for every Sponge plugin, and is expected. Sponge should pick the plugin up fine.

Glad to see that @TBotV63’s advice worked. :smile:

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Is there a way to see all the “mods/plugins” installed in-game to see if they actually work. For example old vaults or essentials etc.? Or do you just have to try to do their commands.

As far as I’m aware there is no such thing as /mods or /plugins baked into Sponge or Forge. Your options are testing the commands or looking at the help.

Last question: Where does one look at a list of plugins created or updated to work with Sponge?

@Minecrell has developed ServerListPlus which does this.

EDIT: Look at Plugin Releases for a list of working* plugins, or WIP Plugins for ones which are in the conversation/creation process.

*Cannot actually guarantee they all work.

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We have the WIP Plugins and Plugin Releases sections.
Also we had this:

One of these days Ore (Our equivalent of BukkitDev) will be finished, but that isn’t ready yet as we’re still in an early stage of development.

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