ServerListPlus 3.4.7 [API 4.X/5.X/6.X]


The Virtual Host thing doesn't work. :rage:


The hostname needs to point to your server just like the other one. The only thing it does is doing different things based on what the client sends to the server (= the hostname/IP it used to connect) but that requires that it can actually connect to the server with the entered hostname/IP.


would it work if i typed in as the Ip, instead of I didn't decipher any thing you said,


No, unless you buy the domain (if not already), port forward it to your server etc. etc. Virtual host don't allow you to use a specific hostname, they just allow you to do different things if you have multiple hostnames pointing to your server.


Then I still have to use the IP then, right?


As long you don't setup port forwarding together with a hostname etc, yes.


Is this working for the new sponge versions?


It should. Please test it, if it's not working tell me and I'll get it fixed right away. :smile:


I tested and it is working :grinning:


All hail the mighty Minecrell.

Also I noticed SCS had this and it's awesome.


Hi @Minecrell I want to now if it's possible to display the list of players connected and no just the number of it ?

thanks :slightly_smiling:


Vanilla should do that automatically if you don't touch the player hover message (e.g. if you delete it from your configuration). Otherwise you can use the random playerlist placeholder:


As the first stable release for Sponge, ServerListPlus 3.4.1 is now available. Over the last two weeks I've been working on finishing the Sponge port of ServerListPlus and with this release it has now reached a point where I'd say it's really stable enough for production use. Additionally compared to previous versions it is now feature-complete and on the same level as the implementations for the other platforms.


ServerListPlus v3.4.1 can be downloaded from GitHub Releases.

Notable changes within the last time

  • Added support for Custom Player Slots if the StatusProtocol plugin is installed on the Sponge server.
  • Sponge implementation is now included in the universal JAR (the main distribution of ServerListPlus which can be installed on all supported platforms (Spigot, BungeeCord, Sponge, Canary) without a special JAR file)
  • Removed a few unnecessary logging messages


Hi @Minecrell ! I'm running on my server your latest version of your plugin. But, regulary, I get this message on my screen console:

I wonder if you could know what happen ?


Can you paste your configuration somewhere?


Yes! :slightly_smiling: you could find it here:


I think it's happening because of the DynamicPlayers option you have enabled. Any special reason you enabled it? If not, disabling it seems to fix it for now.


Any updates to this plugin with the new api release? that and statusprotocol need to be updated as they dont load on server start with the new sponge release


You can download an updated development build from

No update for statusprotocol available yet, did it really break?


From what it said via console, that it disabled both that and serverlistplus.
ill retry though!