🛡 MCClans v1.1 [API 4.0]

yes yes yes!!! this is so great!!! oooh do you think this will have the ability to allow in game money per hour?

We’re considering adding clan banks, a single account clan members with the required clan permission can deposit and withdraw money to / from.

As for anything more than that we’ll probably not be adding it directly to this plugin, but provide an adequate API instead. Other developers can then interface with our plugin to create all sorts of extra functionality.

More info on that will follow once the API is finished. In the meantime I’d be happy to take in suggestions for such plugins. I will then put up a selection of those suggestions on this page for other developers to take inspiration from. Already got a couple of ideas myself. :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate a bit on what exactly you had in mind?

Also thanks for your feedback so far :wink:

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my pleasure. As far as this plugin goes i was hoping the clan bank would come around if not i was going to ask if you were going to create an api as i would then figure a way to create a bank for each clan. and the per hour that i’m talking about may just need to be a plugin that uses this as a dependancy but what it would do is say the owner makes a rank called knights and then descids after all of their perms are set up that anyone with the ranking of knight gets paid x amount. and this would be configurable to any rank. and they’d all get paid for every hour on the server.
This would be to increase online users as they would need to be on then.

then next part that i was thinking and am curious if this plugin will cover it is Clan Duels… Say for example we’ll use my server. we have clan owners…they’re to be the strongest and best players of our clan. Well what if someone else would wish to become the leader? or They want to become a knight and they need to do so by trial of combat??? what better way then a safe mode to do such in a clan? thus duels. They would send a duel invitation, the oppenent would approve or decline and then make it so they can pvp till they reach 1/2 a heart then hit them both with friendly fire protection. thus they can’t kill one another but there was a clear victor :smiley:

Let me know what you think

We decided to definitely add a clan bank. Just a basic economy account for the whole clan, with deposit / withdraw command for whoever has the corresponding clan permission.

I liked both your ideas for external plugins. Will make sure that the upcoming API supports both use cases, thanks!

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Build #18 available

Added commands:

/clan price


  • Clan tag color changes not persisting when using a database

Added functionality:

  • Economy integration

Oooh just a heads up for whatever reason pvp is not protecting players from arrows :smiley:

Build #19 available

This build is compatible with Sponge API 4.0.

Added commands:

/clan help {page}
/clan page <page>


  • Crash in UUIDUtils on server stop
  • PvP protection not working with arrows

Added functionality:

  • Work in progress interactive command and parameter help pages
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Build #21 available

Added functionality:

  • Added MCStats Metrics integration. To opt-out go to config/mcstats.properties and set opt-out to true

EDIT: Changed from build #20 to #21 due to build issue.

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Build #22 available

Added functionality:

  • Minor tweaks to the help pages
  • Command aliasing

By default the following commands are aliased:

/ac          /clan chat ally
/cc          /clan chat clan
/clanff      /clan friendlyfire clan toggle
/g           /clan chat global
/personalff  /clan friendlyfire personal toggle

To change these, or to add your own aliases, edit the config at config\nl.riebie.mcclans\config.conf.

Main things we’ll be focusing on next are:

  • Releasing an API for other developers to interface with
  • Wiki documentation

And lastly, we’ve registered for the Sponge Plugin Competition. So wish us luck! :slight_smile:


yay!!! Hopefully you place :smiley:

Build #23 available

It’s been a little while since the last build, but we haven’t been sitting still.

There’s been some major re-writes to how data (clans, players, etc.) is stored. These changes mean you cannot use any of the data stored from previous versions. So what are these changes, and why are they important?

  • The default storage option XML has been replaced with JSON.
  • MySQL storage option has been added (and more to come).
  • The data version is now stored along with the data.
  • Automatic data upgrades.

Especially these last two are important for us. What they mean is that in future versions, if we want to add new functionality to the plugin that requires new data to be saved (for example clan banks), we can automatically upgrade your old data to the new format. In other words, in the future you get to keep your clans etc. from the old version when we need to make changes to the data format. :slight_smile:

To update to this new version, you will need to remove your data folder located here: config\nl.riebie.mcclans\data. This will remove your data, including your clans! If you are very attached to them, send me a private message and I’ll see what I can do to upgrade them manually.

The API is not yet finished in this build, but it’s getting very close. More info on that later.

We’re also getting near our first stable release build. But I’ll first have to make sure to write up that documentation I promised…

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This is a nice clans plugin. I could never find a plugin as well made as this is for bukkit. Nice job.

Release Build v1.0 released!

The first stable release build v1.0 has been released. The most notable addition in this release is the API. We are looking for a number of plugins to provide certain functionality. Are you a developer? Please take a look at this information page.

Other changes:

  • A wiki has been created containing all the useful information. You can find it here.
  • Fixed a crash when certain commands were executed from console.

Amazing! Can’t wait to try it out

Release Build v1.1 available

Added functionality:

  • Clan banks

Before you can use the clan banks, make sure to enable economy usage through the config, and download an economy plugin.

Added commands:

/clan bank balance
/clan bank deposit <amount>
/clan bank withdraw <amount>

API update:

The API updated to v1.1. Access to the identifier for the economy account of the clan bank has been added to the Clan interface. Use this identifier to get and manipulate the economy account via the EconomyService.

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