🛡 MCClans v1.1 [API 4.0]

Project moved to Ore
Find the project on Ore here: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Kippers/MCClans
Find the project’s discussion thread here: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/mcclans-player-grouping-by-forming-clans/12562

Edit: Current thread can be found here: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/mcclans-player-grouping-by-forming-clans/13242


Build #10 available

Added commands:

  • /clan leaderboard
  • /clan info {clanTag}

Fixed command:

  • /clan roster {clanTag}

This!!! this is the greates thing i’ve seen in a while

Are you planning to add some chunk claiming system similar to the Bukkit Factions plugin?

I really liked that system.

We’re not planning to add land claiming / grief protection functionality to this plugin itself.

Instead we are going to allow other plugins to interface with ours. Hopefully, over time this will offer you with a choice of what kind of land claiming / grief protection you want to have.


Alright, cool. Thanks muchly!

This plugin would be a nice entry in our plugin competition:

Yeah thanks, we’ll think about it. As it is we don’t meet the requirements.

Build #12 available

Added commands:

  • /clan resign
  • /clan home
  • /clan sethome

Added functionality:

  • Kill Death Ratio tracking
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question? are you going to add a rank system in the clans? i notice you have owner or recruit? perhaps a way for the owner to set new ranks in the clan?

Yep absolutely. Already listed onder features. Gonna be able to fully customise your own ranks in your clan.

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OMG YES!!! :smiley: thank you…btw nother question i have…is there anyway you may be able to make it so if users are in the same clan unless they have a certian rank they can’t kill one another? like an enforcer or something? lol

There will be friendly fire protection between clan members which can be turned off by someone with a rank that has permission to do so. Clan members can also turn off their own friendly fire protection if they want to.

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hahahaha you’ve got my vote This is going to be awesome!!! my server already uses this as a basis for it’s system and we are more than pleased with it :smiley: So from all of us Thank you

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Build #13 available

Added commands:

  • /clan coords
  • /clan stats {clanTag}
  • /clan player info {playerName}
  • /clan friendlyfire clan [on/off/toggle]
  • /clan friendlyfire personal [on/off/toggle]

Added functionality:

  • Friendly fire protection
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YESH!!! lol
now all we needs is ranks and this’ll be grand woot woooT!!! keep up the great work thank you

Build #14 available

Added commands:

/clan rank create <rankName> {permissions}
/clan rank remove <rankName>
/clan rank rename <rankName> <newRankName>
/clan rank view {rankName}
/clan rank permission set <rankName> <permissions>
/clan rank permission add <rankName> <permissions>
/clan rank permission remove <rankName> <permissions>
/clan rank permission view
/clan player setrank <playerName> <rankName>


  • Players ‘dropping’ from clans

Added functionality:

  • Fully customizable ranks including clan permissions
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Hahahahahaha! you good sir/ma’am, you are one amazing person :smiley: this, this practically makes my server lol

Build #16 available

Added commands:

/clan ally invite <clanTag>          
/clan ally remove <clanTag>          
/clan ally inviteable [on/off/toggle]
/clan ally accept                    
/clan ally decline                   

Added functionality:

  • Sponge permissions are now enforced if use-permissions is set to true in the config. Each permission node is listed per command in the top post.
  • Clans can now become allied to each other.
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Build #17 available

Added commands:

/clan tag color <color>
/clan admin backup
/clan admin disband <clanTag>
/clan admin home <clanTag>
/clan admin sethome <clanTag>
/clan admin invite <clanTag> <playerName>
/clan admin remove <clanTag> <playerName>
/clan admin coords <clanTag>
/clan admin tag color <clanTag> <color>
/clan admin setowner <clanTag> <playerName>
/clan admin clanplayer setkills <playerName> <high> <medium> <low>
/clan admin clanplayer setdeaths <playerName> <high> <medium> <low>
/clan admin clanplayer transfer <targetClanPlayer> <newPlayerName>
/clan admin clanplayer remove <playerName>
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