Ships - Allows you to move huge structures in a single click

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Please read the following lines if you wish to download Ships Alpha

Ships (Bukkit and Sponge) has reasently been going though a whole rewrite of the plugin. At this current stage the Bukkit version is in full alpha while the Sponge version is still in PreAlpha. This means that the Ships plugin is very unstable at this point in time and the only reason why you can download it now is for testing and/or show-case reasons. It is not recommended at all to run this on a full time server.

Last but not least, Ships and above are designed with the SpongeAPI in mind and not Bukkit’s, this is because I wish to eventually make Sponge the main platform for Ships. Therefore Sponge will get some exclusive bonus content in the form of other plugins and will also get the updates first, however for this to happen the Sponge version of Ships needs to catch up


The first movement plugin for Sponge

Ships R1 have been removed from the Ships project to avoid confusion. Please enjoy R2



Moving ships

As the name of the plugin suggests, you can create your own ship and move it with just a single click.
Works with all blocks

There is a fully fledged list where you can configure each and every block to react differently for the ships, including being able to add a block type to interact with Ships, detect it as a collide and even not react at all.
Teleport to ships

There have been many requests to be able to teleport to ships for not only this plugin but others like it. This feature has been added to Ships, however if it is something you do not wish, then you can disable to command by not adding the command.
Falling Ships

Ships will fall/sink if requirements are not met, this could be done through your own interaction such as running out of fuel, or by something else such as a TNT explosion.

Ship types

Ship Type Link
Airship Link
Ship Link
Marsship Link
Submarine Link



The blocklist command allows you to view or set the materials in the ship. The blocklist allows you to modify how block types react with Ships.


/Ships blocklist view [block ids]

View how many blocks are in each section of the block list. A filter to the blocks can be applied by adding the block ids you wish to view at the end of the command.



/Ships blocklist set collidetype <collide type> <block ids>

Set the collidetype of the block types specified

Collide types:

Detect collide:

This means Ships will detect the block type as a colliding block and will cancel the ships movement.


This means Ships will detect the block as part of the ship if it is attached to a ship


This means the ship will not stop and crash into the blocks, destroying them. This is great for plants.



/ships info

Displays basic information about the ships version you are running



/ships shiptype create <shiptype - Cloneable only> <New shiptype name>


/ships shiptype create ships:airship OPShip

Allows the ability to create a copy of the specified type with a custom name. All options from the original ship type are applied to the custom ship type by default, however you can change them without affecting the original ship type.


/ships shiptype view

Allows the ability to view all custom ship types


/ships shiptype delete <custom ship type>

Allows the ability to delete custom ship types, this converts all ships of the specified ship type to the original ship type that the deleting ship type was cloned from.



/ships ship <ship id> track

Displays the specified ship’s structure as bedrock for a few seconds.



/ships ship <ship id> eot enabled <true/false>

Gets all EOT signs and activates / deactivates them



/ships ship <ship id> crew view

Displays all crew members and what permission level they have.


/ships ship <ship id> info

Displays information of the ship


Move Ships

ships.move.own.<ship type id>

Example: with airship


The move permission will allow the holder to move a ship of that type. Note that cloned versions of the specified type are not included, they have there own id. You can also include every ship type by not specifying a ship type


ships.move.other.<ship type id>

If you wish for someone to move someone elses ship (to allow hijacking or for admins) then you can by changing ‘own’ to ‘other’.


ships.make.<ship type id>

The make permission will allow the holder to create a license sign of the specified ship type. Much like the move permission, custom ship types that are based on the specified ship type are not included and must use its own id and that if you wish to be able to make every ship type then don’t specify one.



The remove permission will allow the holder to destroy anyone’s ships license sign. Note how this is only required if the holder wishes to destroy anyone elses ship, anyone can destroy there own ship.


The current command system is getting changed completely, only the info permission works for legacy commands.


This allows the holder to use the command ‘ships info’




This allows the holder to use the command ‘ships shiptype create’.




This allows the holder to set any value within the config file from command.


Very interesting, will keep this bookmarked.

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I’ll be able to give more detail on it tomorrow

Awesome, glad to hear! I’ll be here :slight_smile:

I’m gonna watch this for a while and see where it goes, very interested!

I have a suggestion if you’re interested :^)
The ability to transfer ownership to another player or to sell ships to other players would be really cool!

Thanks for the suggestions. The transfering of ownership is one of the planned features however selling ships was not.

It is something that could be added when this is stable enough. So I will think about it and hopefully one of the initial releases will have the ability to sell ships.

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I have seen there is some interest for this plugin to be ported to sponge and the ore page is up with a pre release on there however it has not been approved and due to the fact its labeled as a alpha, it may never see the light of day.

I am currently on holiday however as soon as i get back (this coming Tuesday) I will bring the downloads to the github release page too and I will start to work on it again.

@MoseMister Do you use falling blocks then set when stopped for this or do you set the blocks each time it moves (as per old demos, it looked like setting blocks)?

Its like the development videos, however I am planning for the sponge version that it swaps to moving blocks and then moves smoothly to the destination and then swaps back into blocks

Finally got back and fixed my laptop. Ill be updating Ships very soon adding at least the sign track command.

A new version has been released for Ships, it is available for download [here](MoseMister / Ships -s PreAlpha 1.1).

Allows you to move huge structures in a single click


  • Fixed Ship structure loading (after server restart - ship would say “can not find ship sign”
  • command (/ships sign track [seconds])

You can also download it from Github releases here

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A new version has been released for Ships, it is available for download [here](MoseMister / Ships -s PreAlpha 1.2).

Allows you to move huge structures in a single click

  • Added Wheel sign

A new release just hit. Adding the wheel sign to all ships. This does rotate all blocks with the ship including some blocks that will not rotate on the bukkit version. Enjoy.

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Its been a while. I know. A new update will be coming soon

Adding in:
New commands

Due to some errors that occurred in last min testing, the ships update will be a little while longer. Please also note Ships is still running on API 6 and has no support for API 7

edit 2:
Due to a change in PC I needed to change the key to upload to ore (I didn’t backup my previous key). Sponge has a 3 day waiting period after changing a key. So expect the update to hit sat/sun.

Please also note that Ships currently does not have support for submerged ships yet.

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A new version has been released for Ships, it is available for download [here](MoseMister / Ships -s PreAlpha 1.3).

  • Added Ship Type (Submerged ships are yet to come)
  • new commands
  • bug fixes

New version coming out soon.
With minecraft 1.13 and API 8 coming round the corner i thought I would bring a update to Ships for minecraft 1.12 and the API 7.

Before this update Ships 6 sponge edition has been essentially just a direct port of the ships 6 for bukkit. Not really taking advantage of sponge at all (unless you count the SpecialBlock API being removed for the sponge version of ships because sponge has a much better version that does exact what i needed it to and more).

Well this next update is a update more towards the sponge version being more lightweight and superior to the bukkit version. By removing the terrible command api i made for the bukkit version and replacing it with the sponge command api. You now get tab completion with all your commands. Not only that but developers can now use the in built command elements to quickly get Ships Objects.

After the initial release of ships for api 7 i plan to make ships sponge as stable as possible before API 8 comes out. This means hopefully you will have a lovely alpha version of ships for you to use.

I also plan to format the current code in ships to make it easier to read and more to standard naming schemes as well as consistent around the whole program. And just neaten up everything. In the update that is coming I have neatened up the commands. Its just the rest that needs doing.

Overall you should have a Ships version running on api 8 that has more features then the bukkit alternative that feels stable enough to be a ships 1-4 release.

Oh and as for mc 1.13. I have talked about my plans for the bukkit version of Ships with the main focus on updating Ships 5 to 1.13 instead of Ships 6. But Sponge never got to see Ships 5. So here is the plan. The material list will be completey redone showing only the item names in a nice friendly way (current shows the material ids … Something that isnt that friendly). The api will have all the BlockState stuff stripped from it in favour of BlockTypes (it was IDs before so you could change the settings of the different colours of wool and stuff. Mc 1.13 puts them as a blocktype) so file size and hopefully processing will be less. And ships sponge version will get more attention as it will eventually be my main platform for ships.


A new version has been released for Ships, it is available for download [here](MoseMister / Ships -s PreAlpha 1.4).

Allows you to move huge structures in a single click

  • Added API 7 (MC 1.12) support
  • Added commands as Sponge API
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Ships 1.4 has only just came out but ships 1.5 should be coming out very soon. 1.5 brings Ships 6 -balpha 1 movement algorithm to the table and removes the ships 6 prealpha movement algorithm.

To someone who hasn’t been following Ships 6 -b development. This means that if you rotate a ship you will now stay on the ship. And if ships 6 movement algorithm is selected in the config it will move ships reliable and not cause the ship to fail loading when the server resets.

A new version has been released for Ships, it is available for download here.

The second generation of Ships for Sponge is here!!

How do the new versions work?
Ships R2 uses a compatibility layer to translate between ShipsCore (the codebase that Ships uses) to the Bukkit API or Sponge API. This means if a new feature comes to one, expect it in the other.

This version is based on Ships -b Alpha 2.8

The compatibility layer on Sponge is not yet finished, so expect bugs to occur. I am aware of a lot of issue with the Sponge version and will be fixed in later revisions

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The ships license tells me that it “can not find the ship”, as well as for the other type of ship, what could I do about this?