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A few weeks ago, my plugin developer (iKeirnez) mentioned the need for Sponge alternative short domain on Reddit to me. I was swamped with projects so I couldn’t think ways to help. Right now as I’m less busy, I think there could be something fun that I can offer.

Have you ever heard of .et domain? It’s a ccTLD of Ethiopia that’s not released to the public yet mainly due to slowness in building infrastructure and massive possibilities of domain hacks. Even though it’s not open for public registration, I can help register it for ya if you want something like these for short domains:

Just throwing ideas out there.


or “” (

// Edit: This Domain is allready in use :C

//Edit 2:

Why not “” (mc for minecraft) (
This Domain is free :slight_smile:

No, this domain is not free. On top of that, you need legal documents shown to the registrar, proving to them that you have a company and a company building located in Monaco (hence where .mc comes from). Myself and Suicidal_Tissue attempted buying .mc domains before, so I speak from experience.


I am a staff member of a server that tried to get a .mc short domain, we weren’t able to get it though because we didn’t live in Monaco, so I don’t think that’s going to be possible. Just saying :confused:

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Recently I tried the Same. Why not Free too :slight_smile:

How about The pw could be short for PoWered.
Edit: Nevermind. It appears that all of the good short domains are taken. and is available XP

Using a .tk domain is a pretty quick way to lose credibility in your website.

I don’t really see a reason to go for a free domain (they’re super cheap usually…) or even stray from the current one.


I once thought getting a dot mc domain was a good idea. It was a $50 investment, but I couldn’t use it because you need to have a registered business in Monaco -_- with documents, and no, my fakes didn’t work haha!

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I personally think that is ideal, it sucks that it’s already registered.
.mc is too much of a hassle to register, I’m sure over the past 3 years many people have tried registering it.
There seem to be an issue with Google search blacklisting .tk domain

However, if it’s just for the sake of homepage redirection. I can provide an .htaccess redirect from my domain: or It wouldn’t do redirection for the whole site like having a dedicated domain name, but if the community only needs homepage redirect, then it will be set up for ya.

Just a css tip
You should add ‘padding-left: 10px;’ to your ‘uix_icon fa fa-cube fa-3x fa-spin’ class.

Right click your spinning logo in chrome, select inspect, and paste that into the element section.

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Almost all the sponge domains are taken, even…

Someone should buy a custom top level domain *.sponge is not taken; only $185,000 for the cause, anyone? :wink:


I think spmc with any number of TLDs would be decent. As I mentioned above, the .co TLD is available for it. 7 characters isn’t a bad size I’d think. And was mostly a comical suggestion, but could work XP I’m not sure what all restrictions there are for various TLDs though.

I would agree getting (or or something for shortened links.


As long as its not .tk this would be great. .tk has a terrible reputation as a sketchy domain.


I’ve reserved and added a few subdomain forwards. Here are the other forwards (have single letters to make some shorter): (forward to the Sponge homepage, http) & & — forward to Sponge forums, http & — forward to /r/SpongeProject & & — forward to the Sponge GitHub, https — forward to the FAQ google doc, https

I’ve literally just did this, so it may not work right this moment, but should take effect shortly enough.
Looks like the forwards are active now.

I’d be glad to add some more if ya can think of something that should be forwarded, will try to update this page if I do. I seem to recall an about page that I can’t find that I wanted to forward, if anyone can link that. It’s just using simple page forwarding. I’m not sure if that poses any sort of security threat for those using those links, but ya can use em if ya want. Don’t think it matters much for forwards, but I can change the http to https for the forum & homepage forwards when they get their cert sorted out. Can set it to URL masking so it retains the short url, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I’ve put these in a google doc for now. And as it stands, I may hold the record for most links in a post @.@


Its hard to find a good domain now a-days. I just got MINECRAFT.XXX a few hours ago haha!

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