Shut Up and Take My Money

I am demanding the option to buy Sponge Powered Merchandise!!! I understand that you may have to order them, and charge overhead! I dont care if you have to order them one at a time and I have to wait months!!! Well I am starting this thread for all those who demand sponge gear! I want the t-shirt, the pen, the mouse pad. I want a damn coffee mug. Hell I would even wear a big foam rubber Spongie hat if you’d sell it! Please blow up this topic to show you support for sponge and interest in supporting sponge through buying items such as these!!!


Seriously if this thread reaches its goal of creating some kind of merchandise store I will pay for and create a Spongie Hat and supply pictures of it!!!

So I can wear Spongie on my head?

Shut up and take my money!
I’d love to get a mug, a shirt and a pen too <3

Edit: i suggest using a shop where staff files the designs in and everyone can just order by himself. That way staff can avoid managing every order. Saves time on both ends :slight_smile:

With worldwide shipping of course!


Take my money! I’d love to have some sponge merch.

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I would also very much like to be able to buy some kind of merch, for example a t-shirt!

Oh, and it would be nice to be able to order some other colour than black, since I don’t wear black. I’d still buy it, but I’d like to be able to wear it as well :smile:


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Good god your fast @FerusGrim, I dont even think I hit the reply button before you fixed it. Gotta love this community. And now to keep showing the demand for the supply of Merchandise!


@Joe_Schmo2840 Happy? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell yes. (filler text)

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I want to buy a full suit made of sponge :heart_eyes:


Well this is certainly an interesting topic, I’m willing to spend all the money I currently have on any Sponge Powered merchandise. That means I have a budget of $0.01.

We will be looking into this at some point, we need to understand the logistics and processes that will be involved before we create any kind of store. As always, our primary focus is on giving everyone amazing software to use, having merchandise would be cool, but nowhere near as a cool as having Sponge out even sooner. :wink:


Instead of filler text, try putting <filler text into your post, that way you don’t need ugly filler text.

I’m liking the polo :wink:

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Ah this thread.


I really appreciate the enthusiasm, it means a lot. I’ve never been about stepping around questions, I tend to give direct answers or tell you I can’t at this time.

As it stands, I want to do a merch store of sorts. Minecon was a big hit, we handed out lots of items and the response was positive. It took an upfront investment made by a member of the team to get the items for the event (besides booth assistance provided by MultiPlay).

The thing with branded merch is you can’t just ask a company “Hey I want a Sponge branded XL polo, here is the logo and 40 bucks or so”; the companies would laugh at you. Depending on the item, you have to order x amount of it which becomes a risk to us as we now have donations tied up in product that may sit here for 1 minute or 1 year. This is all assuming we have the infrastructure in place to handle servicing a store as well as transactions from it.

That is the long of it, the short of it is I’d love to do it but I need an upfront investment and infrastructure to power it. I also need good, solid interest from the community: if 4 people buy from the store and then it dries up…that wouldn’t be good.


Alright you heard the man, pledge in this post! No reneggen!!! I pledge 50 dollars to the cause.


30 Dollars To the cause right here