Simple Chat

Is there a way to change the “&f:” after every message to say “&8>”?

Also, I’d like to be able to have a space between my tag and my name.
Right now I want it to show “TRAINER %PLAYER%” but even when I use say /tag group Trainer "TRAINER " (rather than just /tag group Trainer TRAINER) it doesn’t include a space, making it look weird (simply TRAINER%PLAYER)

It’s working fine for me.

Can you add an option to just not use tags from Simple Tags?
I think my tags with Nucleus/PermissionsEx are fine, the only reason I need Simple Tags is apparently to use Simple Chat’s announcing system.

Like I said previously, It won’t interfere with those plugins. Just don’t setup the tags. It’s needed for other stuff in SimpleChat.

It did interfere though.
Without setting up any tags, it just automatically turned my chat into using “[Omegatron]:” rather than the “OWNER Omega >” I had used before

Could you maybe just port only the announcing part of Simple Chat into a quick separate plugin?

Yeah, I was considering this anyways. Seems that’s the only reason anyone uses this plugin.

Thanks, get back to me if you do so?

Still a work in progress but here’s a test build. Base command is /broadcast, config is pretty much the same.
Command permissions simplebroadcast.cmd.broadcast.[command]
Also added permission Any player with this permission will not receive broadcasts. Let me know what you think.

Would you consider making it /announce or something?
Just because /broadcast is used by most of the “Essentials” plugins (EssentialCmds, Nucleus, Nexus, etc)

Essential plugins have every command under the sun. I would recommend reading this. Nothing against your suggestion, but I feel I should be able to use whatever command I feel fits without worrying about someone else’s project. Plus the project is called SimpleBroadcast so…the command kind of goes with the name.

Sorry if that sounded rude, I just have a strong stance on the subject

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Hey, with the chat channels I don’t think we can type a message with spaces,
example: I can’t do /ch Help I need help, I broke my foot!
I can only type in one word in the command otherwise it will say i have too much arguments.
Also, can we just have it so they can just do /ch join so they can continue to type in that channel.
But still have a global channel?

I’m actually re writing most the plugin atm. Channels will work different. /ch <channel> will join player to that channel and will only see and write messages in that channel. /ch global to leave channel.

That sounds great :slight_smile: Do you have an idea on when it may be released? Also, good luck on it!

Not sure. I’m also doing heavy work on SimpleTags at the same time, plus the near dozen other projects I’m maintaining. Im focusing mostly on this right now so hopefully I’ll have something to release in a couple days.

Why did you remove the auto-broadcast feature off this? It’s the main reason I wanted it :confused:

Are there permission nodes? People aren’t seeing the broadcasts.

Update: I cannot, but the non-ops can.