Simple Chat


hmm. I thought I had fixed that already…

Yeah there’s the node


I added your recent update and (as op) I cannot see the broadcasts, but people with opp can.


From the looks of it, I never posted the release with the actual fix in it. Update to 0.1.2 and report back please


Still can’t see it.


OK, I made a change that I feel makes a bit more sense. I removed the permission node and added the commands /broadcast mute and /broadcast unmute. These commands can be run by players to mute broadcasts. This setup eliminates the need for that removed permission, thereby fixing the OP issues.


Are you able to allow the prefix for the messages to be changed? [BROADCASR] seems a little unnessicary. I’d prefer (and others) something such as [Server Name] or [Alert]


You can if you add SimpleTags to your server


Would it be easy to add a feature with this that would allow customization of the default text color in a chat? For example it would be cool for all of the text in a trade or event channel to be a certain color by default so it would stand out.

Other than that I appreciate the plugin; it’s odd doing things without looking directly at a flatfile storage of everything, but that’s because flatfile storage of the chat channels is what I’m used to from the old days of Bukkit on 1.2.5.



I think the command /broadcast add should be replaced by /broadcastadd, otherwise it’s confusing whether you want to add a broadcast or to broadcast “add …”. The same could apply to /broadcast remove and /broadcast list.


Broadcast stuff was moved to

And sending a broadcast using the command

/broadcast send <msg>


Can you update SimpleBroadcast with a command such as /sb ? /Broadcast currently conflicts with the one from EssentialsCMDS and it makes it hard to edit broadcasts and such without having to enter FTP.


I was under the impression I could create chat channels?
The only commands I can seem to run are /chat range, /chat snoop, /chat worldchat

And doing any /channel changes the name of the channel… Also I have 2 displays of my name too…

I’m not seeing a whole lot of configuration examples anywhere, just lists of commands I cannot seem to use at all. And no, it’s not a permission ordeal either. I have a ‘*’ permission and nothing else.
The config file also only contains “options” which isn’t helpful setting anything up or whatever from a file perspective.


It appears I never updated the post after the last major update. My bad.

Channels are arbitrary so you don’t need to create them, players just need permission. For example you want to use a channel called private, give player the permission and the player can run /channel private to switch to it. Players can then run /channel global to leave the channel


So there’s no configuring channel layout displays, or whatever then.
Like, customize the channels colors, what worlds can use the channel, etc;


You just saved my life! This is the best plugin ever!!! One question. Is the chat range a setting so that if enyone types something that only the people around that person can read it? I’ve got a minecraft server and I’m trying to make it as realistic as possible so it would be a little strange if someone from 20.000 blocks away says something to his friend and I can hear it… There are working phones on the server so you can still call someone from 20.000 blocks away.


Thanks for the support. Yes that’s exactly what chat range does. Not sure what your referring to as regards to phones(guessing a mod), but players can still send private messages or mail.


Sorry I missed your reply. Channels are a bit crude at the moment. You can change the channel tag with SimpleTags.


I use a mod for the phones, but which version of spongeforge should I install if I want your plugin for minecraft 1.8.9 (the phones mod is for that version)? I’ve tried spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.1.0-BETA-1399 and I’ve tried spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1762. I downloaded both simpletags and simplechat for 4.1.0. The plugin still does not work… :frowning: I’ve also tried simplechat-5.0.0 and simpletags-5.0.0 just in case that might still work for 1.8.9 but didn’t work either :frowning:
I really need your plugin, it’s what I’ve been looking for the whole time so could you please take a look at this?


That’s because these versions are built for Sponge API 5.0.0 hence the 5.0.0 in the file names. You need to use older versions of the plugin built for Sponge API 4.x, So for spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1762 you’d want to install simpletags-4.1.0-0.2.5b and simplechat-4.1.0-0.3.0. They are built for Sponge API 4.1.0 but are fully compatible with Sponge API 4.2.0.



Is there a Perm for using color codes in chat? Did i miss it somewhere?