Simple Chat

Simple Chat

This is a continuation of the previous plugin Chat Manager, that I decided to re-write. Simple chat gives you is a chat plugin that adds extra features to server chat.

:gift: Donations

Creating plugins for Sponge takes time and effort. If you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into to this please feel free to get my a cup of coffee. It is much appreciated.


:package: Features

  • Private messages
  • Sender messages to offline players
  • Auto broadcasts - Supports TextActions, see config for examples
  • Chat channels
  • Per world chat
  • Player range chat
  • Mute players

:open_file_folder: Downloads

Release: Download Here
Development Builds Download Here

:nut_and_bolt: REQUIRES

:wrench: Permissions

simplechat.unmute - Admin node, that prevents other players from muting you[channel]


:hammer: Commands

/chat - get help with commands listed below. Contains hover and click events for navigation
/chat range
/chat snoop
/chat worldchat
/channel create
/channel remove
/channel list

NOICE plugin m8, definately gonna use

I believe the time function when setting the auto broadcast to true is broken. It won’t accept a time argument, it’ll only spit out “true or false” if I try to specify time.

I think you might be right. I’m not on my PC so I cannot confirm but taking a quick look at the code on git I think I’ve spotted the problem. Once I get the chance to dive in and push a fix


SimpleChat v0.2.9

Awesome. Also, what unit (seconds, minutes, hours) is the time argument?

Minutes. I kept it simple but could change it in the future if it becomes a demand

Does this allow use of Http links? Essentialscmd wont work with http

I have not added any ability to allow links yet. Not sure how to go about creating the syntax for this. suggestions are welcome. Its definitely on the to do list

Sounds good, I like the idea of minutes. Also, I think there might be something wrong with removing a broadcast and changing the tag of the broadcast. Nothing shows up when I try to remove a broadcast and Simple Tags does not recognize a “broadcast” argument when trying to change the tag. A feature that I would like to suggest would be having the ability to reload the plugin. I sometimes like to make bulk changes inside of config files (especially with the broadcast feature). Not really a pressing feature, I’m sure there are other things on your plate, but it would be nice. Great plugin though!

Fix both issues. Update Both SimpleTags and SimpleChat

I know you withdrew the post but to answer it anyways, Project Portals has both warps and homes. Also EssentialCMDs does as well.

Switching off Essentials. Lag Issue

Update v0.2.11

Add TextActions to broadcasts. Examples:

&u{url;;&1Click Here}
&u{cmd;/say hello world;&1Click Here}
&u{suggest;/say hello world;&1Click Here}
&u{hover;&3secret text;&1Hover Here}

Will all this work on mac computers?

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Yes. Anything that runs on Java should work on mac, linux or windows. Sponge / Minecraft mods and plugins included.

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Hm if I don’t need Simple Tags (already have them implemented, just with Pex/EssentialCmds), do I still need to install it in order to use this plugin?

Yes but it shouldn’t interfere with prefixes from other plugins, however EssentialCmds isn’t compatible due to the way it applies prefixes. It’s recommended to use Nucleus, it’s successor instead.

This is great for my announcement’s need, but I need a way to be able to change the broadcast prefix (such as what Nucleus provides you), is that possible?

Yes. This is where SimpleTags comes in.

/Tag broadcast