Simple Chat


Seems like a solid piece of work. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
On a side note I was wondering if you would be considering integration for either working through Bungee, or possibly directly supporting cross-server chatting, if so how far down the line / are you looking for help with it.


I’d like to at some point but I have immediately planned atm


Alright cool. at some point I wouldn’t mind forking your repo myself and giving it a whirl.



Hello! As NoCross mentioned in this post, in v0.3.0, spaces with the use of chat channels are seemingly impossible.

We run a roleplaying server where chat channels such as Local and an Out of Character (Or OOC chat) need to be visible at the same time. I’m running another mod that makes it easy to switch inbetween these channels simply by clicking on different tabs, as can be seen here.

I realize that you have updated the mod past this point and introduced a completely new system, but for the small server that I am apart of, we really need different chat channels that can be heard at once in order to update from Bukkit 1.8.9 to SpongeForge 1.10.2.

I really don’t mean to trouble you, but the updated version of the plugin doesn’t have all of the features that we need that 0.3.0 has, and the server won’t be able to function in the same way as everyone is currently used to without this version being able to work with spaces.

I don’t need much at all, and I hope it isn’t too difficult of a fix, but I would sincerely appreciate it if channel messages could be sent properly with v0.3.0

Thank you very much for your time!


My players and I have really been enjoying this plugin. :smiley: But the issue is, I can’t figure out a way to mute people, or to get links/colors working in chat. I have given everyone the permissions for these, but it still doesn’t work. Is there any way you’d be able to help me out here? :smiley:


Not sure exactly why but after installing this chat I have lost all color to my names tags and chat colors, I performed everything you stated to get these back from my nucleus/LP plugins and certain colors show like staff chat and broadcasts. Is there something I am missing? I tried with simpletags and simplechat. Still all white =\


I need help with this someone please help, I need to know how to make it so everyone can hear the Global chat but not everyone can chat in it I have Luckyperms, I aslo want need help with Simpletags, how do I tag a group in luckyperms my discord is Louie#4875


Can I move this plug-in to the MCBBS forum in China?
I will show the original author and the original page.

If you like, I will send you the link of the web page after the successful removal.

I will not provide other download addresses.