Simple shout plugin

hello everyone!

I’m requesting a chat plugin that’s really simple and easy to use. for shouting you need to add a “!” before any of the message and to trigger the shout/global chat, and in local just chat normally but If there will be a config on how far the local chat can be heard and the prefix, the prefix can be customizable will be with the color codes (&7[&aL&7]…ect). One other feature to add is Local see anywhere. a permission to allow admins/mod to see local chat anywhere. I use nucleus and lucky perms for my server and if you can make it that the that would mean the world for me. I use minecraft version 1.12.2 sponge

I really hope someone can do this or else I would do it my self!

thank you


I have done something similar with KtSkript already, but I really like to make that script and its usage more convenient. I plan to rewrite it from scratch and your suggestions seem reasonable.

From a dev standpoint: I guess it would be best to create a new message channel which contains all nearby players (depending on the set range). And then redirect the message to those message channels instead of broadcasting them. I hope Nucleus’ formatting plays nicely with that.

you got this, you can do this!

Try this: KtSkript - Endless customizations for your server - #12 by RandomByte

Thank you very much! I hate to ask you this but is there a way to make a plugin that makes the Direct messages like grey and just normal chat default, default as in white like in the picture above <3

I also need permission for the “!” Feature if you can help me

I guess nucleus can format messages as you want. You’ll have to play with the config a bit.