Simple Tags

Could you make it so a player tag can be displayed above the player’s head? So if I changed my name to the color red, it’ll show my name colored red above my character’s head?

I’ll look into it, see what I can come up with.

Fantastic plugin! I was wondering though if there’s a way to customize the colon next to the player name? For example, “[Rank] WryWolfy: chat chat chat”.

~ WryWolfy

wry has a valid point; its a nice plugin but the lack of customizing some options just hurts. good work though.

What would you like to be more customizable?

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It’d be awesome if you could customize the colon that appears after the username in your formatting!

Also worth mentioning, this plugin is not compatible with EssentialCmds or Nucleus, using its custom formatting - I have navigated around this by disabling Nucleus’ chat module, but it’d be fantastic if simpletags could be compatible with the /nickname command from the Nucleus plugin,

Thanks for your time,
~ WryWolfy

I haven’t quite figured out how to deal with the colon yet. I’ve thought about removing it entirely. As far compatibility, I know EssentialCmds has implemented a very primitive way of applying tags. before I believe API 3.x, there was no good solution for prefixes, which explains why but as far as I know it was never updated. As far a Nucleus, latest update fixes this.

Hello. I figured out my original problem from before. My suggestion is that the colon should be deleted. I think we can differentiate between username and chat with color codes rather than a colon. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Do you plan on making Simple Tag compatible with EssentialCmds? Or is there a workaround? EDIT, didn’t realize Nucleus was the replacement to EssentialsCmds. I switched to that and everything is fine.

Getting spammed with console using 3.0

Would there be anyway to allow creations of tags just by themselves and then store them somewhere for use other then by directly setting them on a player or group? I would like to give out tags as rewards, but allow the player to chose their own tag after they gain them, so like if the player wins the tag [Example1] but then later gets [Example2] I would like for them to be able to swap between them.

Idk about you guys but spaces in tags are really good thats my suggestion maybe a StringBuilder would help you to do that!

Just put the tag in quotes

Ah, thanks im a little too new to this all sponge thing, is there away to reset a player’s tag to the default value ?

EDIT: Uhmm just tried /tag player reset and it reseted my tag ok cool did i missed it on the plugin description ?

Hows it going im using Simple Tags on Spongeforge1.10.2 Latest
Just wondering if this is anything to worry about?

I have the Pixelmon 5.0 beta and have had this in console since i added it.

I have the same problem, but my server crash :confused:

My crash-report :

Thanks you for your work :slight_smile:

This is actually a Project Inventories crash. I’ll look into it when I get the chance

No problem :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot. I will waiting :wink:

im having a bit of an issue with your tags plugin and my permissions plugin.
everything works fine but the tags for my groups are being inherited which means the owner rank for example is having all these prefixes: [owner] [admin] [mod] [helper] Branjazz790: and im not sure if its a problem with the plugin or something to do with my permissions plugin i am using (luck perms)

I’ve only done tests with PEX, and inherited groups don’t have this effect. I’ll have to look into this, maybe create a omit permission to prevent this if I have to.