Simple Tags


Will there be support for MCClans?


Doesn’t MCClans have it’s own prefix’s already?


Is there a way to set this to not show the players real name if they have a nick name set. Right now it shows group name, then real name, then nickname. If no nick is set it shows real name twice


for some reason I made a couple of groups to test but they aren’t the color I have made for them if so do I have to use the permissionsEX for most of them to add the groups


Hey there got a bit of an issue im using PermissionsEx and your simple chat and simple tag plugins, ive been able to make tags and such fine for each different group but the issue is that ive got 2 usernames coming up when some one chats so if i chat its is: [alicheek] hello

Any idea what im doing wrong here? :slight_smile:


Your example doesn’t match what your describing but my first assumption is you’re probably using EssentialCmds?


Oh sorry i do aplogise dunno how i did that so wrong lol yea it was [alicheek]: hello

Yes you are correct im using essentialcmds guessing its something to do with that?


ok lol seems me doing “< alicheek >” is removing the name cos of markup :stuck_out_tongue:
so yea as u said its [alicheek]< alicheek > : hey


I figured as much. EssentialCmds isn’t compatible with other prefix plugins due to its old method of modifying chat. I recommend using Nucleus as it is the successor to EssentialCmds


ah thank you very much for the information ill look into that now :slight_smile:


is there a way to make a default tag, meaning that anyone that joins has that tag?


/tag player default [tag]


So I put a cuple of extra permissions into the pex config file and now I can’t see the tags anymore. It says Group does not exist! Do you have any idea how I could change that without deleting the extra permissions that are pretty useful for groups as premium or elder.


How can we remove the name of the player from the tags? The name is showing twice for me


Looks like another plugin or mod is also modifying the player prefix. It’s a known issue ive been working on tackling. Hopefully will be resolved in next release


Changing permissions in groups shouldnt have any impact this plugins ability to detect groups. Might want to make sure there are no errors in your permissions config.


Since there’s no page for SimpleTagsNations, and no documentation for it as far as I can find, how do I use it? I see that there’s the /tag nation but the in-game documentation isn’t working for me (could this be because I’m running API 6?).


What would the command syntax be for setting the tag for a group in this format:
[GroupName] Player [Suffix]: msg here
Thank you in advance


is that plugin will include in Nucleus Essetials?
is that plugin can be used with in PermisionManager2?

thanks for your job! :blush:


Hey I made a group in PEX, and im in that group, also i put the tag I wanted for that group but the tag dont appear, its Just my normal name