Small Status Update - 10 October, 2014

Hello everyone,

Second Update - We aim to have the API itself ready for developers to work on plugins in November. The official Forge-based implementation has no ETA at this time.

This is just a quick update on the current progress of Sponge.

As you may have noticed, the work on Sponge has slowed considerably over the past few weeks. Whilst we did aim to get the project out as soon as possible, we have hit a few partially expected delays.

Firstly, as Sponge is built on forge, a build of forge for 1.8 is required to even start working on an implementation (The runnable server) of the Sponge project. We are working closely with the Forge Team (LexManos), to help however we can in order to ensure that Sponge is out as soon as possible, and as capable as possible.

Secondly, we are waiting on the completion of an Entity Component System, this is aimed as part of the API that will allow incredible flexibility when creating plugins that add new functionality to mobs, and potentially other objects such as blocks. As this is a rather large portion of Sponge, it has caused a few delays due to many parts requiring it to be completed first. @Grum from Mojang, and the late Bukkit Project, has been kind enough to help us out with it.

For more information on recent happenings of the Sponge project, check out the last full status update -> Status update - 26 September


Why is there no activity in the artemis repo?

I’m not too involved with the Entity Component System, but from what I can tell it is still in planning. Due to it being completely different to the way Minecraft works, compatibility with updates and mods is a concern.

@Grum thanks for joining the sponge community!

Thanks for the update mate.

Thanks, I was looking for the global pin, but I must’ve missed it when pinning originally. I assumed you could global pin after pinning.

Is sk89q still only one looking dev applications? I (and many others, probably) are waiting for response. But if he’s only one who’s looking applications, its very big task which will last long.

So… Can I ask how many applications you have readed already, and how many people is working with them?

Thanks for the frequent updates. As a server owner it’s really great to be able to check in and see what the progress is (so that I have an answer for the bazillion questions the kids on my server have each day).

That’s a good question. Maybe they are just doing concept work. But I’m sure we can count on them :wink:

Have developers been contacted in response to the API developer forum?

Sorry about the lack of updates on the API developer form. I read through a substantial amount of them and sorted them out but didn’t get a chance to send off any letters yet.

This is slowly coming together. I can’t wait for it to be finished!

Update: We aim to have the API itself ready for developers to work on plugins in November. The official Forge-based implementation has no ETA at this time.


So we can start porting but can’t test it right? I will need to get into unit tests…

Correct, the implementation will be needed before you can run tests/use plugins, but you should be able to begin porting to our API in November.

I already have an implementation of the current API made, that I do plan on releasing very soon. However, the API is most likely going to change considerably by November.

Yay can’t wait to see the results of a first working build, eventually :smiley:
May sound weird but I’m kinda glad were slowing down lately through my final exam period so I don’t really miss out much :wink:

Keep up the good work sponge team thumbs up

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If you could release it in november for testing it would be great