[Soaked Up #2] An Interview with @DarkArcana, and more!

Sorry for not releasing at the scheduled time, I had some irl stuff to do.

Today’s Topics:

  • An interview with @DarkArcana
  • Recently Implemented Things
  • This Week’s Question
  • Last Week’s Question Results

Interview with DarkArcana

How did you come to Sponge? When did you?
Sponge got it’s beginnings in an IRC channel named #nextstep. But before that, a bunch of us were in the #cauldron channel. We were trying to decide what to do about the collapse of Bukkit, Spigot, and Cauldron and the implications that would have on the modding community. To discuss this, we moved to the channel #nextstep. I was one of the first people in there. I actually stayed awake for about 5 days trying to keep the peace, help manage people, keep information documented, and come up with ideas. So to answer your first question, I came to Sponge because I was one of the founders. I was here from the start.

What was your first motive(s) when you came here?
I can’t really say what my motives are as motives tend to change over time. As a member of a community, my motive would be to preserve the community I’m apart of. As a person in a position of “authority”, my motive would be to preserve my authority. I guess you could say the motive was clear that I wanted to work with Sponge to keep the community I’ve been apart of for several years a strong and vibrant place.

What’s the story behind your username?
I’ve always like to think of myself as the guy behind the curtain pulling the strings and making big decisions. Wherever I go, I tend to find myself in that position. My name embodies that idea. I am dark and mysterious, mystical and illusory.

What lead you to Minecraft?
Back in the alpha days, my friend heard of the game and showed it to me on my college campus. I thought it was kind of novel but mostly boring looking. A few months later during the beta, I took another look and decided I would buy into it. I had a few more friends that played. After a month of boring crafting, I stumbled onto redstone. I spent months making massive redstone computers. It was all very nerdy and over the top, but ultimately very fascinating. It actually lead me to change my career path. I was a psychology major.

Who/What is your greatest inspiration?
I don’t have a single inspiration. Drawing inspiration from one place seems like a bad idea. The world is full of amazing people, places, things, and ideas. Each has a story to tell and a lesson to teach. You should draw your inspiration from everything around you. However, I am typically inspired by great thinkers and philosophers of our time. Think Ted Talks. Many hours have been wasted on YouTube soaking in knowledge.

What do you typically do as a leader of the team?
It depends on the team. It depends on what is required. To be a leader, you must know what your team needs, you must know what your project needs, you must know what your users need, and you must ultimately know that anyone of these people can also be leaders and that you should empower them to do so as often as possible. So what do I do? I try to create an environment where I’m not necessary. This means that I try to fix problems before they crop up, put people in a position where they know their work and how to do it, and at the end of the day watch it all get done. No team will ever reach this state of perfection.

How many bananas does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Just one. The guy in the banana suit.

Thank you for your time @DarkArcana!

:rocket: Sponge Progress :rocket:

There’s been a plethora of pull requests since last post, so lets look at a few.

Lets first take a look at the Command Block Functionality pull request by @piepie62 .
This pull request, if you cant already tell, adds the functionality required for using Command Blocks on a Sponge Server. It still needs a review, so I’d advise the Implementation team to take a look at it.

Another interesting PR is adding the Asynchronous Scheduler, which is by @sibomots.
I consider this definitely a core piece of any MC server software. It looks like it hasn’t been closed/accepted yet, so this is in definite need of attention.

:question: This Week’s Question :question:

When did you join the forums?
Reply down below!

:exclamation: Last Week’s Question Results :exclamation:

Football - 1
Parkour/Running - 3
Fencing - 1
Basketball - 2
Hockey - 1

Looks like we have our winner: Parkour/Running!

Check back every Saturday for a new edition!



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Nice! I love your work, it’s really cool to have all the news in one place like this :smiley:
When I joined: September 18th, in the very early stages of Sponge, so I’ve been here almost since the beginning ^^

PS: You may have made a mistake in the interview (you have the same answer 3 times)

Nice post! Subscribe meh.
I joined on September 10th, back when the forums were very recently announced.

Oops :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s fixed now.

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I joined back on the 11th of september

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I didn’t actually know about this news thingy. Anyway, I guess what I tried to point out is that people like me aren’t as important as all of the other people involved who put in the hard work to make Sponge what it is. There are a ton of awesome people laying down the actual code that gets things done. There are cool people writing documentation and translating it. There are people getting the news out and explaining things to each other like this. Anyway, thanks for the questions and I hope I answered to satisfaction.


I joined the forums because I wanted to follow the developement of Sponge :stuck_out_tongue: and the Interview with @DarkArcana is nice, like it!

I joined September 14, 2014 at 10:34EST

IRC Channel over here! :smiley:

I was the 100th person to register on the forums (well 100 is my user_id, assuming the counter starts from 1 source: simon816.json)

My account was created at 2014-09-10T23:54:11.301Z (10th Sept 2014 23:54)

I registered only September, 17 but was reading these forums since they were opened.

I was the only one who replied fencing? Awww

I joined 5/10/14 (UK date format)


I joined September 24th (:

Grat article, thank you for your work

You can catually see that on my profile, u know that? xD Anyway, September the 14th, 2014…

I know that, but I want people to reply with it so its easier to manage.

Me too.

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