[SOLVED] My friends and I can start using Sponge(Forge) TODAY, with one feature

The solution to my needing this feature lies with an older Forge project called ForgeEssentials. No build of it available on their main download page worked, but I found their jenkins install and managed to get a very recent build which works, albeit with a lot of errors in the log. It also appears to not load SpongeForge when forgeessentials-1.8- is loaded.

I run a server for a couple dozen friends, and people they know. Currently I use Spigot. I am also testing Forge to add new custom blocks that we want to see. Forge gets us there, via a mod installed in each user’s client and on the server, but a big necessity for us is the ability to disable monster spawning in certain areas of the map.

Right now the only plugins I use on Spigot are WorldEdit + WorldGuard. While WorldEdit has a Forge port, it would appear that WorldGuard’s Sponge branch is not yet ready. Does anyone have advice on how I can successfully transfer our server to Sponge(Forge) TODAY?

My server is Ubuntu 14.04 with the following stuff installed for Sponge:


I attempted to use PlotSquared earlier, based on this post, but could not get PlotSquared-Sponge.jar to load. PlotSquared is evidently not at all what I’m looking for. I also did a bit of reading about Pore, the Bukkit-Sponge plugin bridge, but by all accounts this is extremely unlikely to work with a plugin as complex as WorldGuard.

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The only feature I need to switch my server to Sponge(Forge) TODAY is the ability disable monster spawning in certain regions of the map, a la WorldEdit+WorldGuard’s /region flag region_name monster-spawning deny system.

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  1. Select two points using the golden axe
  2. Expand your region by using /s e and look at the target direction
  3. /zone create <name>
  4. /zone edit <name> monsters deny
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