💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord)


aun no me funciona no se ke hacer


desabilite el Require OAuth2 Code Grant y lo lo configure manualmente y ya me funciona


Como has hecho para configurarlo manualmente? Podrias explicarmelo?


usa esto https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=157730590492196864&scope=bot&permissions=0
remplazando el clien_id con el de tu bot


No puedo abrir el link que has pasado discord me da un error


por no es para abrir donde dice client_id cambialo por el de tu bot y recien ahi lo pones en tu navegador recuerda desactivar el Require OAuth2 Code Grant


Ohh muchas gracias, ya funciona perfectamente gracias a tí :wink:
Podría agregarte a Discord como amigo para hablar si tenemos problemas? Me llamo igual que aquí en Discord.

Muchisimas gracias de nuevo!!


si pueds agregarme esoty ocn el nombre de LeinadUchiha#8249 tienes ke enviarme con el tag sino no podre agregarte


What version of Discord Bridge are you using?


Can you PM me your config?


“Leinad” solved my problem. It seems that this was in the way of configuring the oAuth2 permissions. Not being very familiar with this facet of Discord I found it difficult to find the right option.

Many thanks “nguyenquyhy” for responding to my message and many thanks for this great plugin for Sponge.
A greeting!!

PS: I would love for you to create more configuration templates with more options if possible.


Despeus de lo que te dije lo deje haci y funciona muy bien


No it’s a bungee plugin for cross server, bungee network chat, sorry for the delay in response


If your server has Sponge, and Sponge recognizes the chat, I think the plugin should work.


What options do you need for the template?


Discord Bridge only sends joins/leave messages to Discord. Plugin list:




Boop sets a custom channel for every messages, even public ones. By default, Discord Bridge ignore all message with custom channels to prevent leaking non-public messages to Discord.

However, Discord Bridge recognizes some custom channel from popular plugins such as staff chat channel of Nucleus or clan channel of MCClans (coming soon) to allow routing those to different Discord channels.

This leads to another potential issue of Boop. Here (https://github.com/pie-flavor/Boop/blob/master/src/main/java/flavor/pie/boop/Boop.java#L124) Boop overwrites any original channel into BoopableChannel, making Discord Bridge unable to tell if the original is public (no channel) or staff chat or clan chat or anything from other plugins.

For now there is no way to differentiate messages in public chat and non-public chat (e.g. staff chat) if you use Boop. So I don’t think Discord Bridge will be able to work with Boop until Boop changes itself somehow.


Were having an odd problem with this.

We have DiscordBridge setup and working great on our SpongeForge Direwolf server, but on our SpongeVanilla HUB server we can’t send messages from the server to discord but can send messages from discord to the server.
Also the hub server is sending started/join messages to discord, just not chat.

Config on DiscordBridge is setup identically on both servers (except the channel ID of course).
Only difference really is the HUB server has ProjectPortals and SpongyCord installed, whereas the Direwolf server doesn’t have those plugins, all other plugins are same on both servers.

Our hub_server channel has same permission settings as the direwolf_server settings too.


Is there any error message in console from Discord Bridge when you send message in Minecraft in the HUB server?
Can you pm me the fml-startup-log of the hub server?


Edit: After updating SpongeVanilla it now seems to be working properly.