💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord)


We have just noticed a strange bug. Were not entirely sure on how long exactly but it was working fine this morning and we haven’t changed anything since.

Some players are not seeming to be picked up when they talk and their text will not be transmitted to discord, but some players will. I am absolutely stumped as to why this is happening.


No errors in the console but when someone talks on the server it doesn’t show up on discord, it does work from discord to the server. Discord chat shows up from the general channel instead of the minecraft channel. Bot has all permissions and I’m logged in on discord on the server but still not sending server chat.


We have just started to notice this occurring on the server:

08.03 12:03:38 [Server] WritingThread/INFO [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by server!

Only started happening this morning and we have made no changes to the server at all, that error occured about 2 minutes after the server was restarted.


I think it would be interesting that Discord bridge could also transmit the messages sent by the server, I mean the “/ say” that appear with the label “[SERVER]” and that these were said by the bot, it would also be nice if they could Transmit the notification of some specific achievement that the player has achieved. I think this can be interesting.


ultimatecore was preventing chat from showing up, disabled it’s chat


Discord Bridge 2.4.0 is released!


Over the past 2-3 days we have noticed a lot of connection issues and were not sure why it is happening. We have not changed any settings in the past 1-2 weeks

Here is the error after attempting to reconnect:

[18:51:17] [Server thread/INFO] [nucleus/]: Server ran the command: /discord reconnect
[18:51:17] [Server thread/INFO] [discordbridge/]: Configuration loaded.
[18:51:17] [Server thread/INFO] [discordbridge/]: Use JSON storage.
[18:51:17] [Server thread/INFO] [discordbridge/]: Configuration reloaded!
[18:51:17] [Server thread/INFO] [discordbridge/]: Logging in to bot Discord account...
[18:51:17] [pool-22-thread-1/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.ImplDiscordAPI/]: Checking token ************************************************************Bnc
[18:51:17] [pool-22-thread-1/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.ImplDiscordAPI/]: Checked token ************************************************************Bnc (valid: true)
[18:51:17] [pool-22-thread-1/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.ImplDiscordAPI/]: Requesting gateway (token: ************************************************************Bnc)
[18:51:17] [pool-22-thread-1/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.ImplDiscordAPI/]: Requested gateway wss://gateway.discord.gg (token: ************************************************************Bnc)
[18:51:18] [ReadingThread/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAdapter/]: Sending identify packet
[18:51:18] [ReadingThread/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAdapter/]: Received HELLO packet
[18:51:18] [ReadingThread/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAdapter/]: Received READY packet
[18:51:18] [Timer-14/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAdapter/]: Sent heartbeat (interval: 41250)
[18:51:20] [WritingThread/DEBUG] [de.btobastian.javacord.utils.DiscordWebsocketAdapter/]: Websocket closed with reason No more WebSocket frame from the server. and code 1002 by client! Trying to resume connection.
[18:51:20] [pool-22-thread-1/ERROR] [discordbridge/]: Cannot connect to Discord!
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Socket closed before ready packet was received!
	at de.btobastian.javacord.ImplDiscordAPI.connectBlocking(ImplDiscordAPI.java:162) ~[ImplDiscordAPI.class:?]
	at de.btobastian.javacord.ImplDiscordAPI$2.call(ImplDiscordAPI.java:144) ~[ImplDiscordAPI$2.class:?]
	at de.btobastian.javacord.ImplDiscordAPI$2.call(ImplDiscordAPI.java:141) ~[ImplDiscordAPI$2.class:?]
	at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(FutureTask.java:266) [?:1.8.0_72]
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1142) [?:1.8.0_72]
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:617) [?:1.8.0_72]
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [?:1.8.0_72]


Is there any way to remotely run a command on the server from discord?


Which version is that?


This was on 2 of my servers, 1 running 2.3.0 and the other running 2.4.0


And both have that same problem?


I don’t know if what I’m asking for is possible, but is it possible in some way to have multiple servers connected to the same channel in where if someone talks on one minecraft server, it gets sent out to the other minecraft servers as well. It seems like something like that would involve multiple bots maybe?

What I want is a global channel for all chat, and multiple signal server channels for just that server.


It seems like /discord broadcast can only send one word at a time.

See: https://gyazo.com/2384cbc0c937d7df228962efe4051ded


You have to put the sentence in double quote.
/discord broadcast "Hello World"


All good now, thanks for the quick reply!


Messages from CustomNPC NPC’s are transferring to discord channel. Can you disable this? Ignore for CustomNPC mod.


Good idea Lefty, i need this too


Great job on this!


Sad that this doesn’t work well with boop installed.


Indeed. Hopefully both the authors will find a way to make it it work. Or discord gets the option to play a sound when mentioned in discord or ingame.