💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord)


OOOOOOH facedesk


That fixed my problem, I’m just an idiot xD thanks!


Help me please. It doesn’t show in-game messages in discord.


What have you done so far? Does the bot show in discord?


yeah it does :slight_smile:


So this might sound like a strange question, but does DiscordBridge have its own official Discord server? I’ve googled and scoured the DB git for traces of one, but have come up empty.


DiscordBridge 2.4.0 works fine on SpongeForge API 6.1 build 2378
(At least it doesn’t throw any errors during server start…)


So, I have this properly installed. I can see game messages in my discord… However, if someone in discord replies you can’t seem them in game. Also is there a way to make it show that players are responding from discord to minecraft … like for me to set up a (Discord) PlayerName: text here?


You can do what you wrote, just refer to the README.md as OP said :slight_smile:


Didn’t realize the stuff in the bottom was supposed to go into the config (new server owner lmao) Thanks man.


@windy @Inscrutable Gabizou sent me to you two for this :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically: I don’t know if the OP is coming back, I have commiting to this project and have an active pull request to the original, though I would also like to start posting releases on Ore.

So I have a few questions:

  1. Is it frowned upon to ‘take over’ an existing Sponge project, (This one has an MIT license) This would include making a new thread for it, as well as submitting it to Ore (it is not currently on Ore).

  2. In the event the OP returns, is it possible to transfer ownership of the Ore Plugin to the OP?


In general, you’ll need to follow the guidelines under “Forks” on https://docs.spongepowered.org/stable/en/ore/guidelines.html. I’d prefer that we locked this thread and created a new one for your Fork of the project; you can leave a pointer to your new thread here. I am not sure if ownership on Ore is transferable.


Alrighty thanks :stuck_out_tongue: My fork of course has significant changes (Mostly feature additions) and the OP has no commited anything to this project since March, as well as his Github is generally inactive. I also have no interest in cutting the OP out, as he and Mohron have done significant work on this plugin and credit will never be revoked for their contributions.

I am also still in contact with Mohron, and we honestly may be working at this together in the future.


I see only 1 PR 7 days ago with 1 feature addition (Twitter) and several fixes around? I don’t see any other one. Did I missed anything? Also, it takes more time to go through the changes and test when there are both fixes and features in the same PR.


I apologize, I assumed you would at least respond, otherwise it appears inactive considering your github has basically zero activity.


Yeah sorry I did not comment I was a bit busy with my wedding and closed source projects. Has not been very active on open-source lately. I’ll review and merge your change this weekend.


Do this plugin works on Sponge API 6.1.0?


Yes it does (insert empty space here because it mus be 15 characters)


I have a problem with the plugin, I can send discord messages to server, but i cant sent minecraft server chat messages to discord. I have login and i configure plugin correctly i think.

(I’m using Sponge 6.1.0 - Minecraft 1.11.2)

I need help quickly, thanks :slight_smile:


I’m assuming this doesn’t work with 1.12.1?
just trying to set it up and getting an error trying to login