💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord)


No logs I can see in the host directory but in the console there are these which come up with a search for Discord:

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There you go: Discord blocked the server IP thinking that your credential might be stolen because you are using it in a new place. You should get an email from Discord about this. Use the link inside the email to unblock the server IP.

I will try to surface out this error in future update. :smile:


Yeah, just noticed that myself.

I forward my emails from various apps into a different folder so I never got that one u.u

All fixed and functioning now.

Thanks for poking me to actually pay attention to the stacktrace :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem. It’s good you can use the plugin now :wink:


Is there anyway to have the message from Discord be posted in Minecraft with the appropriate name formatting?

Or will it always be the static ?


I don’t really understand what you are trying to get? Can you please give an example?


If I have a formatted tag in Minecraft, say #&UserName&# any message that I say whilst in Discord will still come out as being said by


How do you set that format in Minecraft? It that a global format or only for certain people?


I’m doing it via PEX, but various plugins can alter the chat to add prefixes.


That is not supported right now. I am thinking of adding support for a PEX option like “discord-template”, so that you can configure different templates for different roles on the server.


I cannot find the botToken in the config or do i need to use a reqular user?


Actually just found that from github but messages from minecraft aren’t going to discord neither are join and leave messages


Wellp i fixed that too… you need to restart for that a reload doesn’t just do it :slight_smile:


What do you mean by finding that from GitHub ><?


the botToken isn’t in the config by default


I know that the answer is probably obvious but I cant seem to see it I’m trying to get the Bridge to see the bots token but every time I go into the server and do “/discord Broadcast” to test it, the server always comes back with “you have to setup bot token first” is it the server not seeing the bot or the bot not working at all?

if its the first then how do I setup the bot token as I’ve entered it in what I believe to be the right location
If it is the second then how would I fix the bot on discords end?


I’m trying to add Sponge Discord to my server i co-own but i still don’t understand a video or a better explanation could help me.


Did you check GETTING STARTED guide?


Yes I have and I still don’t understand as well as other people do. Like the plugin is on the server I just don’t know how to set it up.


Come chat with me then :slight_smile: https://discord.gg/t5dKg