💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord)


The invitation expired it won’t work
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Again https://discord.gg/8gjs89d :slight_smile:


Discord Bridge 2.1.0 is released :smile:!


Is it possible for you to add an option for things like !players don’t show in game or like to not show commands like that?


Thank you for making this plugin, Nguyen! Looking forward to it being updated to 1.11 :slight_smile:


Hi Nguyen! Thank you for making this wonderful plugin. My server folk and I all love being able to chat with each other between in-game and at school/work throughout the day! :smiley:

I am noticing what might be a symptom of a larger problem, however, that maybe you can help me with. In our server console, the plugin is constantly logging that it’s disconnecting and reconnecting, see below:

22.11 10:20:06 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Reconnected!
22.11 10:20:05 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Trying to auto-reconnect...
22.11 10:20:05 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by server
22.11 10:19:10 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Reconnected!
22.11 10:19:09 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Trying to auto-reconnect...
22.11 10:19:09 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by server
22.11 10:18:14 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Reconnected!
22.11 10:18:13 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Trying to auto-reconnect...
22.11 10:18:13 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by server
22.11 10:17:18 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Reconnected!
22.11 10:17:16 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Trying to auto-reconnect...
22.11 10:17:16 [Server] INFO [DiscordWebsocketAdapter]: Websocket closed with reason null and code 1000 by server

It goes on and on like this.

A while ago, we were using a similar discord plugin for spigot that had this same console spam problem, and I actually received an email from our server host saying that every time this re-connection happens, the socket is not fully closed, causing the server to have an extra thread per connection without disposing of previous sockets. Eventually these garbage sockets accumulate to such an amount that it begins to stress the server’s resources and cause connection issues for players (and in the case of our host, it even somehow affected other servers, jeez!).

I’m not saying that your plugin will lead to this same problem, but the console spam certainly looks like the same symptom and I feel it is worth looking into. Do you think this will be a problem for us and is there anything I can try to do to mitigate this?

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: We are running SpongeVanilla 1.11 6.0.0 BETA with version 2.1.0 of your discordbridge. Our host is CubedHost, if that matters. Definitely let me know if there’s any other info you might need.


I am adding prefix blacklist config for the next version. I hope that is enough for your use case :smile:.


I am very glad that you and your players like the plugin. Yeah I saw that logging problem too and I am trying to solve it. It’s just that I am too busy these days and did not manage enough time yet. Discord API also tends to be changing quite a lot recently so the library I am using for Discord is still trying to catch up.

Personally I am annoyed by that problem too and I hope I can resolve this issue next Discord update.

And thank you very much for a lot of useful information. :smile:


Thanks for your reply, I’m glad to hear that this problem is on your radar. It definitely seems like it will be a challenge to resolve :cold_sweat:


how do I get the channel ID ? all I can do is creating a webhook, that is in a totally different format.


Explained at the top :slight_smile:


So DiscordBridge keeps reconnecting and is spamming the console! Is this normal?


This is a bug, I will try to get it fixed soon. Sorry about that.


Okay, Thanks! :slight_smile:


Coming in next update :smile:


I get this error at startup (right after the server is done loading) http://pastebin.com/KdtPfzca
and I still have no Idea how I should get the Channel-ID I have only the Server ID and a Webhook for the channel.
Shouldn’t the config contain the bot name/ID ? is the bot token enough?


Please read Getting Started section up there and all the links it points to.


Hey Im having errors on my server and it says contact developer

Couldn’t handle packet of type PRESENCE_UPDATE. Please contact the developer! (packet: {“nick”:null,“game”:{“name”:“Half Life 3™ (Closed Alpha)”,“type”:0},“roles”:[],“guild_id”:“152169167192064000”,“user”:{“id”:“137669702896844800”},“status”:“online”})



Version 2.2.0 is released! Please update and check the post to learn about new features.


So I got DB working fine on my HermitPack server. I go to use it on my Skyblock 1.10.2 server and I get this: http://pastebin.com/GekkAN0P

The forge version, game version (1.10.2), sponge and DB versions are all the same. Even the configs are the same.
Any ideas?