Sponge API - Disconnecting a Player/User

I’ve been browsing the JavaDocs, I’m trying to complete the Ban API for Foundation. I need a method that disconnects the player, i.e. Player.disconnect(“foo”); or Player.kick(“Get kicked boy!”);

Currently nothing has turned up, not even a setBanned(Player).


The Sponge does not have anythin for Bans but isBanned()! You should use NMS instead!

Actually, there will be no direct access to NMS. Instead you use MCP’s remapped version.

And if you use NMS, it will only be usable with the Forge Implementation, so I strongly recommend against it.

Er, what’s MCP’s remapped version? Not a modder xD @DotDash

Sponge requires forge! It will be there no matter what! and no risk taken to use NMS!

@Nack_Seerosja Yes but the Forge implementation isn’t ready yet.

The implementation will never be released without Forge! It will be there!

@Nack_Seerosja I understand that. But I would like to see if there is a way to do it now.

You can now see weakness of Sponge! No, there is no other way that I see!

@Nack_Seerosja Thanks for your input.
Also, suggestion: You don’t need a ! at the end of every sentence. To correct this, Press ALT+F4 at the end of a game you are about to win.

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I do not play game! I like using the !

@Nack_Seerosja You do “not play game”? This is a Minecraft server mod…

I am a developer, not a tester!

@Nack_Seerosja read that again, carefully, and tell me why you develop for a game you don’t even play??

Funniest. Replies. Ever.


well this thread got derailed pretty quick.

To answer this more directly, the methods you are looking for are probably not implemented into the API yet and will most likely be available at a later date.

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@Nack_Seerosja Sorry but I need to correct you. Sponge does NOT need Forge. Yes there will be an implementation of the Sponge API for Sponge but it doesn’t necessarily need Forge. Take Granite for example we’re implementing the Sponge API so you don’t need Forge you just need an implementation of the SpongeAPI.


You know, I’ve seen you quite a bit on the forums lately, and what you are doing, is borderline flamebaiting IMO. Just saying. Think, then post.

IMO he’s just a troll.

/off topic

@BitByte maybe search the GitHub for anything related to “Ban”.

already did that before posting m8