Sponge Dev Builds - Now Available!

Hmm, maybe it’s possible to add a switch to optionally enable the gui?
eg: off by default (-> terminal is used); on via --enable-console (-> vanilla console is used)?!

Certainly possible. Like there is nogui in vanilla to disable it.

As far as I know, 1.8 is the initial version that Sponge support, which means 1.7 series is abandoned. (English).

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I already answered that, xD.

This should probably be linked on the main site www.spongepowered.com.

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uhm, it is?
(at least this thread is)

You can find a link to the builds on the docs too:

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Although that won’t be there forever as new posts will bump it out.

I’m sure we’ll come to a solution before then.


Yay, finally the Dev. Builds, although I will be waiting for the first sable version of Sponge to full time run my server! :smiley:. Good job guys!

This has been a thing for ~ a month :stuck_out_tongue: It really should be displayed mor prominently.

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Very great news! I’m currently working on a Linux init.d script that I would like to add Sponge support for. In order to support the auto updater, I need a direct link to the latest build available. Does such a thing exist? i.e. http://repo.spongepowered.org/maven/org/spongepowered/sponge/latest-dev/sponge.jar? Thanks for any input!

Unsure, but since it’s a maven repo you could parse the metadata for the latest version.


But are you sure you want the latest dev build all the time?

@Owexz Hi I have recently tweeted Sponge and I have created a forge server and put sponge into the Mods folder but I have now started to add plugins. I have put them in the mods folder but it is not working!! can you please hep ?

Thank You
I am looking forward to sponge Becoming Giant and very successful ( Just like Bukkit!! But Dont End The same way they did!!! DISASTROUSLY!!)
Thank you again
@SnakebloodOne_Games aka Jack

Could you open your own topic for your issue?
Error Logs/server logfiles would help too (just use pastebin etc. and provide a link).

Did you add Bukkit or Sponge Plugins in the mods folder?
If Bukkit plugins: Nope, that wont work.
If Sponge plugins: Yes, that should work! Seems you have an issue.

Sponge was designed to be alive as long as possible and with possible DMCAs in mind.
Don’t worry, we are here to stay :wink:


What’s the difference between this thread and the changelog one?

This changelog thread? If yes, this thread was posted before the changelog thread. It was the announcement thread linking the repo for downloading official public builds for the Sponge project. Whereas the changelog thread was showcasing the new layout and features of the builds pages. As well, the changelog thread also had all the updated links (if any changed) and also advertised it again for newcomers (although the primary point of it was to showcase the new features AFAIK).

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Your link https://docs.spongepowered.org/en/plugin/basics/workspace/index.html is broken, might want to have a look at that.

Fixed it in the original post, thank you.

That one was eaten by the Great Docs Streamlining of 1753.


Thanks for letting us know, please report any other out-of-date information you find to this thread: Resources Update/Renewal Project

Starting with our last Status Update, we are including the latest download links in each new Status Update we post, to ensure that the community has easy access to them.