Sponge Dev Builds - Now Available!

Its been a long time coming; many have asked and we have, painfully, declined to discuss or release usable builds of Sponge.

Until today.

From this point onward, Sponge for Forge is available for download! Keep in mind that not all of the API is implemented and these builds retain the spooky “Alpha” moniker. Even so, we feel we are at a point where we can open up to alpha testers.

You can find the link to our downloads page here: spongeforge
You will need to first set up a Forge Server and then add Sponge to the mods folder. Get Forge from here: http://files.minecraftforge.net/

If you need help setting up Sponge, check out the Documentation here:


As stated above, Sponge for Forge (and the project as a whole) is still in development and highly experimental. We encourage you to try the product but give zero guarantees of the stability and/or usability of it. If choosing to migrate existing worlds, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING A BACKUP FIRST. Additionally, we recommend performing frequent backups of the server in order to minimize damage caused by bugs.

These builds are meant to be used to test plugins in a production environment or to try out experimental features and/or bug fixes. If you have little to no experience with beta software, please do not use these builds. Once we feel that Sponge is stable enough for a release, we will make an announcement to that effect. We are not responsible for any permanent damage done to your server, software, and/or it’s data.

Well it broke, now what?

At this point on Sponge’s development, bugs are a given. When the inevitable happens, follow the steps below to help us help you.

Search for your issue on: Issues · SpongePowered/Sponge · GitHub
If you do not find your issue, create a new one. If you find an existing issue, we would appreciate any additional feedback you can provide (such as important details that would help us fix it).

Issue Creation Requirements:

  • Sponge Build
  • Forge Build
  • Client Type/Version (Forge/Vanilla and version)
  • Installed Plugins and/or Mods
  • Java Version
  • Operating System

Provide a detailed description. Media such as videos or screenshots are encouraged. Include instructions on how to replicate (to the best of your ability).

Failure in providing this information will result in your issue being marked as INVALID and closed.

SpongeAPI Revision 2

We are happy to announce the release of SpongeAPI Revision 2! New features added since 1.1 include:

  • Data API: An all encompassing API that is designed to have the most
    expandability and uniqueness of manipulating data from the four
    biggest sources of data: Blocks, ItemStacks, Entities, and
  • Text API rev. 2: Completely refactors all of the previous Messaging API to
    use classes for easier testability, easier registration and creation
    of Texts and more
  • Player Networking API: An easy to understand
    representation of “plugin” channels and registration of custom
    channels for sending custom data to clients.
  • Inventory API: A uniquely refined inventory system that aims at
    expandability and introduces “querying” to getting the information of
    an inventory you’re interested in and less worried about the
    ambiguous type of inventory you have.
  • Bans API: An easy to understand ban system for SpongeAPI.
  • Commands API rev. 2: Introduces a powerful command system with easy to use
    utilities and easy to set up structure.
  • World Management: Multiple world support is in! SpongeAPI can now
    register, create, generate, and modify worlds at a whim!
  • Statistics: A proper statistics representation with granting,
    removing, modifying, and grouping of various statistics that players
    are granted over time for various actions
  • Scoreboards: Full scoreboard support with adding objectives, formatting using Text API, and much more.

…and an almost untold amount of additions and refinements to existing structures.

With this release, we now move onward to our next revision; SpongeAPI Rev. 2.1

Plugin developer? Ready to get to work? Start here:



At long last! GG everyone!


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No more people asking for downloads! Hooray!


Now the deluge of issue reports begins…


You think this will stop them? :3


The future is looking much brighter now, what a suprise!


We apologize for the wait but we wanted to work hard on making the dev builds not ruin your server too quickly XD.


Yay finally! :smiley:
Gonna set up a test server tomorrow, will be fun i guess ^^

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Congrats, team! An exciting milestone.

In case it helps any Forge newbies (like myself), you need a newer version of Forge than the current recommended build. I was getting an exception trying to run the latest Sponge Coremod (1.8-1371-2.1DEV-428) with the ‘Recommended’ forge build. The build marked ‘Latest’ ( worked for me:

Now to compile and try running my plugin!

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Congratulations team, you worked hard!

I’m happy you guys released a Sponge Dev Build!

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yes finale :smile:

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which do i download the main or the sources or the javadoc

Main should be enough for testing.


main crash for me

Logs please?

Neat! Well done guys.


Why do I feel like this means sponge will make my computer explode, just not immediately… xD


You’re placing the .jar into your Forge server’s mods folder, yes? Not trying to use java -jar sponge-xxxxx.jar?

Also make sure you have the absolute latest Forge build. The recommended one doesn’t cut it afaik.

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Whoa, you still exist?!