Resources Update/Renewal Project

Out with the Old, In with the New!

In preparation for beta, we are removing old and outdated resources on the forums, in order to prevent confusion among new users and community members. Our fantastic documentation team has created comprehensive guides that supersede many of these older forum threads, and as such, we would like to redirect people to these newer guides. See what SpongeDocs has to offer!

We greatly appreciate those who are eager to help out the community by posting a thread explaining some topic. However, if you wish to do so, we ask that you contribute to the Sponge documentation instead. Explanatory threads can become outdated quickly, yet can still discovered by people months after their creation. Posting explanations and tutorials in the official documentation will make sure that they will stay updated and visible for all to enjoy; advancing our documentation so that more people can understand, work with, and enjoy Sponge.

How to help

For outdated resources on the Forums, please post a link to the resource below. along with a description of why it is outdated and what should be done to fix it.

For outdated resources on the Docs, please post a link to the resource below or on the SpongeDocs Subforum, along with a description of why it is outdated and what should be done to fix it. In addition, you can also submit a pull request with the updated resource here: Pull requests · SpongePowered/SpongeDocs · GitHub

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Here’s a first link:

What’s wrong: Outdated information
How to fix it: updating to link to the Docs + marking it as outdated.
Why fix it: It’s one of the most clicked links on the forums (!)


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Mark thread topic as [OUTDATED], then add in links to Docs pages where appropriate.

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There are a fair few BungeeCord posts lying about that are out of date or are duplicates of each other, and have a lot of old or mis-information as many people don’t quite understand exactly how Bungee+Sponge do or don’t go together, and as a result, there are a lot of confusing posts about what people can and can’t do right now.

The latest post on Bungee + Sponge has probably got the most up to date information, but is still liable to become outdated:

There is already an issue on Github for adding Bungee to the docs: Add Bungeecord explanation · Issue #258 · SpongePowered/SpongeDocs · GitHub

I’m fairly busy for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll see if I can make time in the near to mid-future to help with documenting it.


Thanks for posting this, we’ll sort this out asap.

If you want to help out on the documentation, then posting some facts would help. The Docs Team can phrase it and add all necessities to make it proper reST :slight_smile:

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